Your Guide to the Perfect Delicate White Paint

Choosing the perfect shade of paint is no easy task. Even if you generally know what you’re looking for, the options can be overwhelming. And white paint is not excluded from this. Why is white paint so challenging to get right? And why are there so many options? White paint is a sophisticated color, and depending on the undertones, it can make our break a room. So we’ve laid out some of our favorite delicate white paint colors for you.

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popular ppg white paints

White is classic and timeless. For those looking to embrace a minimalistic palette, something soft and airy is often a must. Pure whites or whites with cool undertones are great for bathrooms, kitchens, or any room that you want to feel fresh and crisp. Try PPG Raddison or Delicate White.

Soft White Paint Colors

For a more cozy aesthetic, living rooms, and bedrooms, try a shade of white with a warmer, golden undertone. China White and Horseradish are two of the most popular warm whites.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, white paint is an excellent choice for people who love the color. It serves as a clean and versatile palette for you to display artwork or wall coverings and will make an accent wall, bright cabinets,  or fun patterned furniture pop. Whites like PPG Gypsum and Garlic Clove help bring out the vibrancy in other colors.

White Paint Colors = Blank Canvas

kaling our featured work

Mindy Kaling from The Mindy Project chose a pure white when Paintzen painted her New York City apartment. In rooms that are flooded with natural light, white makes the room feel pure, airy, and clean. You can see here the white walls serve as a perfect palette for Mindy’s artwork, rugs, and other decors. (Get the look with Delicate White.)

One of our interior design partners, Noz Nozawa, had Paintzen paint most of this Dolores Park, CA living room in white to make the one navy blue accent wall, as well as the bright yellow furniture and intricate light fixtures, pop!

Exterior Paint Project with Paintzen

Bright white exterior trim is gorgeous when paired with light, creamy beige, and black accents. Paintzen painted the exterior of this condo just outside of Washington, D.C. to create a classy, entertaining space for a client. Creamy off-white walls and white trim gave the client the freedom to play around with patio furniture and some plant life.

Download our ‘Most Popular Whites’ sheet so you can always have access to these beautiful colors!

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