These Tiny Coastal Cottages Will Make You Dream of Spring Break

If you’re always dreaming of the sand and the sun, and relaxing holidays, you’re not alone. Here are seven tiny beach houses to inspire you, even when you can’t dip your toes in the sand.

A Beach Cottage

Join Sarah, at A Beach Cottage, for the before-and-after tour of her quaint home by the sea in sunny Australia.

Beach cottage with a blue front door
Photo: A Beach Cottage

Nothing says “beach” more than a front door painted an ocean hue. Just seeing it puts you in vacation mode.

Family room in a small beach cottage in Australia
Photo: A Beach Cottage

White walls (Delicate White is an excellent choice), white furniture, and weathered furnishings are hallmarks of coastal cottage decor. Throw in an oar and some striped rugs and you’ve got an instant recipe for nautical style.

Beach Hampton House

Tiny modern house in the Hamptoms
Photo: Design Milk

Located on a quarter-acre plot in Amagansett, New York, this home has a tiny 15’ x 20’ footprint.

Interior of tiny Hampton Beach House
Photo: Design Milk

But small doesn’t mean boring. Bates + Masi Architects used glass walls between the bedroom and study to make the home feel more spacious. White ceilings add to the expansive feel.

The Edge

Tiny cabin on the Cornwall cliffs
Photo: Small House Bliss

Nestled into a seaside cliff in Cornwall, on the southwestern tip of England is a tiny cottage with huge views.

Living room of tiny house in Cornwall
Photo: Small House Bliss

Known as The Edge, it packs a lot of living into 320 sq ft. The kitchen, living room, bedroom and porch each occupy a corner of the home’s small floor plan. Striped furniture and porthole mirrors make it a lovely place to sit and sip a glass of your favorite beverage. But why stay inside when you have this view?

The Limit

Blue beach shack with surfboards
Photo: Unique Booking Services

Another property in Cornwall (this is totally making us want to go to Cornwall), this one on Holywell Bay, is made for surfers. A pair quirky beach shacks, this minute getaway is set on two acres of wild grounds.

Kitchen of a beach house in Cornwall
Photo: Unique Booking Services

It has two huts, one for sleeping and one for cooking. Whitewashed clapboard walls add to the open, seaside feel. And check it out: You can rent this property for your next dream vacation.

Casa Till

Casa Till, a glass beach house on the cliffs in Chile
Photo: Arch Daily

Located in El Arco, Chile, the Casa Till is 600 sq ft of stunning architecture and pure ocean views.

The interior of Casa Till with a view of the Pacific Ocean
Photo: Arch Daily

The house is built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Glass partition doors provide privacy to the bedrooms, but these can be opened to create a single living space. The minimalist decor and bright orange lamp suit the home’s modern design.

Pye’s Beach House

Exterior of tiny beach house in New Orleans
Photo: Pye’s Beach House

In 2015, 10 years after Hurricane Katrina wiped out the owner’s 100-year-old house, Pye’s Beach House was built with the help of Tiny House Nation.

Front door of Pye's Beach House
Photo: Pye’s Beach House

Designed by Bruce Lanier, an architect at Standard Creative, this 24′ x 24′ floor plan has soaring ceilings. Rolling doors do more than just divide the space. These contain two, eight-foot benches. Learn more about this home’s amazing story at


Bright orange exterior of tiny home on wheels
Photo: Tiny House Living

This tiny house is actually a rolling bungalow. A finalist in Sunset Magazine’s Top 6 Mobile Homes, the Freeshare is made to be used off the grid. How much do you love that orange paint? Try a bright color if you’ve got a small space that needs a dose of bright color.

All-wood interior of tiny mobile home
Photo: Tiny House Living

With handcrafted oak cabinets, king and queen sleeping lofts and a full galley kitchen, it’s ready to be parked at the beach any time you need some sun and sand. Bonus: You can download the plans for free.

If you want to create a little oasis for yourself, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

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