The Best Shades of Turquoise for Your Bedroom Colors

Are you looking for a serene sanctuary in your home? A place where you can escape the stress and the noise of daily life? A turquoise bedroom can give your home a touch of zen. Turquoise is an ideal choice to make your bedroom feel like a tranquil escape. The soft tint of an early morning or a dark seafoam will put you in a calm state of mind. Paint your bedroom walls using one of these four best turquoise paint colors, and create your restful getaway.

Cascade (PPG1232-2)

bright aqua accent wall bedroom

Cascade brings a shade seen on seaside beach towns onto your walls (and ceiling, if you like!). This pale blue, tinged with a subtle green, is a great base color for turquoise bedrooms. Complement it with darker turquoise shades or have an accent wall in something like orange, yellow, or purple. Pops of color from pillows, curtains, and decor will look lovely against this soft aqua backdrop.

Seascape Green (PPG1233-4)

powder blue living room

For a coastal-inspired light aqua color, try Seascape Green. This color is another one of our top turquoise bedroom colors. This shade is bluer than green. Try pairing it with beige or tan for a beachy bedroom look. Use soft whites for a dreamy feel.

Cathedral Glass (PPG1148-5)

dark teal living room with wood futon

Perhaps one of the more traditional, somewhat subdued, turquoise bedroom color ideas would be Cathedral Glass (PPG1148-5). A few shades darker than the previous two colors, this hue has a more neutral feel. It can work with many different colors. Cathedral Glass is a beautiful choice for your bedroom walls, especially in rooms with lots of natural light. With its classic, comfortable look and gray undertones, it sets the mood for restful contemplation.

Torrid Turquoise (PPG1232-7)

aqua living room dark green couch

The fourth turquoise color is the beautiful Torrid Turquoise (PPG1232-7). It’s a pure and vibrant turquoise, as the name states, and would be hard to ignore when choosing between shades of aqua. A jewel-tone makes a beautiful accent wall. You can play off lighter shades within the same color family or serve up a pop of color in otherwise neutral color palettes. Turquoise pairs well with shades of brown, beige, grey, other blues and greens, and especially with warmer orange tones, light, and dark. It is easy to envision this brilliant paint used in a decorative pattern or custom design on one of your walls, making a bedroom or nursery a unique and one-of-a-kind space.

Professionals in the psychology field have well documented the calming effect of shades of aqua and blue. It is shown to help reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate Рmaking it an ideal choice for your bedroom wall color. Using one or more of these turquoise colors for bedrooms is an excellent idea for both your design dreams and your actual dreams! Your choice of vibrancy and intensity of this gorgeous color in your bedroom will define your space as anything from a quiet, reflective retreat to a bright and inspirational reflection of your style.

To see more shades of turquoise, check out our color gallery! Consider hiring Paintzen’s professional interior painters to help transform your bedroom using this beautiful shade of paint. Click the link below to get a free and instant online quote.