How to get a designer-quality renovation – without the price tag

Hiring an interior decorator certainly has its benefits. Beyond the obvious eye for style and connections within the design world, there are other perks, like budgeting, scheduling, and prioritizing renovations. But these benefits come with a price tag that for some, is just too high to justify. It is, after all, a luxury to have a designer in your home helping with your plans.

Read below for some tips from some designers we work with to help you get a high-end renovation on a low budget!

Start at the beginning.

A very good place to start. Bring a bright pop of color to your front door to dazzle guests with a wonderful first impression. Plus, it’s a way to upgrade your exterior without a full job.

Let there be light.

Painting smaller rooms in lighter, airy colors can help them to feel larger. The lighter hues allow rays to bounce back and forth more easily, keeping areas bright and open. If you have natural light entering a room, always embrace this as well and find a way to utilize it.

Bounce around.

How to utilize natural light? One way is mirrors. Mirrors create the illusion of depth within a room, so it’s ideal in narrow rooms or hallways. Extra tip? Make sure they are across from something worth reflecting!

Up, Up and Away

Another designer trick is to hang curtains higher than your windows. This gives the illusion that your ceilings are higher, and that the curtains are stretching up to reach the top of the room. This little trick on the eyes is a favorite of designers in helping to extend a room with lower ceilings.

Less is More

Many times people worry that they have not done enough with a room and aim to pack it with matching decor and wall hangings. But overdoing it with accessories can often be the downfall of a renovation project. Keep the accessorizing to a minimum and embrace simplicity.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to compromise.

You may not find the exact couch you were looking for, drapes that perfectly match the paint colors on the wall, or have the stress-free experience you may have with a designer. But understanding that with a challenge comes compromise, and you can achieve a great deal on your own by having an open mind and allowing yourself to think outside the box instead of breaking through your normal habits. Be creative! See what can happen.