Guest Post: Curtain Decoration Tips from Laurel & Wolf

Our friends from Laurel & Wolf are here with elegant and simple ideas for your home that add style and substance. Curtain decorations are a great way to add depth to your home.

This winter keep your home warm (and save money on your energy bill!) with these tips on curtain decorations. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm!

Hang Heavy Drapes

Swap out your summer drapes with thick ones for the winter. Cold air will have a hard time trying to make its way through heavy materials, so invest in some insulating drapes or thermal curtains.

Layer Window Treatments

Layer your window treatments to protect yourself from cold drafts. Hang drapes over your shades to provide an extra layer that will act as a jacket for your windows!

Use Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb Shades are designed to insulate windows. The cellular shapes (which give them the alternative name Cellular Shades) create pockets of air at different temperatures. They actually make your house more energy-efficient and save you money!

Hang Curtains Indoors

You can also hang curtains indoors near entryways to act as a barrier between the air coming in from open doors and your living spaces. You’ll see this in restaurants sometimes, but you can use it at home too!

When hanging shades, be considerate of the color of your walls and how the color of the drapes and the filtered light will look.

Here’s to saving money and conserving energy.