Guide to Home Exterior Paint Colors

Summer is fast approaching. Everything is in bloom, the air is getting warmer, and school is letting out across the country. Now that the weather’s more reasonable, it’s the perfect time to get some work done on the outside of your house – especially, painting! Painting is a great way to increase your property value, improve the exterior appeal of your home, and make the entire neighborhood look a little bit better.

Choosing exterior paint colors for homes can be a lot of fun! Let’s take a look at your options, and see what inspires you.

1) Brick Dust

Brick Red House with White Trim

Brick will always be in style. Brick homes are admired for their look, their durability, and easy maintenance. But, if you don’t have the budget to replace your siding with brick, you can mimic the look with a classic brick red, using PPG Brick Dust paint. Brick Dust pairs well with white and grey tones.

2) Cavern Moss

Beach house with greenish-tan walls, cream trim and black windows and doors

When you think of exterior paint colors for homes, you might not think of green. A green exterior can serve as a distinct color in the neighborhood, while also blending your home into its natural environment. A color like Cavern Moss is complimented by natural wood colors and white trim. You may also consider using a darker green like Night Watch, which is PPG’s 2019 Color of the Year.

3) Stratosphere

Light Blue Gray House with Red and White Trim

A blue-gray exterior has a calming effect. It can invoke scenes of a pristine lake or ocean. PPG’s Stratosphere can give your home a stately and colonial look. Pairing it with a white, brown, or sandy trim with make your home stand out.

4) Cocoa Pecan

Brown Suburban House with Beige Trim

Cocoa Pecan is a gentle brown. It’s an earthy tone, stable and quiet. When you’re looking for colors to pair it to, consider exterior white house paint or a dark green, like Night Watch.

5) Snowy Mount

White House with Deep Red Front Door

When you’re looking for the perfect exterior paint color, don’t pass up PPG’s Snowy Mount! White is a versatile color, matching almost everything. For maximum appeal, it can be paired with steel and other gray tones.

6) Shining Armor

Dark gray house with white trim and black accents

Make your house the home that saves the neighborhood curb appeal with PPG’s silver-gray color, Shining Armor. This modern and sleek look will have people talking. This color can be paired with darker hues of blue-gray.

7) Heavy Cream

Cream House with Ornate Trim
Photo by Kelley Walters

Heavy Cream is a soothing, warm, and inviting color. It makes your home seem welcoming and gentle. This gentle tan hue pairs well with darker and lighter versions of itself – just go up and down a gradient and you’re sure to find the perfect color for your trim.

It is important to maintain the exterior of your home. An easy and cost-effective way of doing that is by painting the exterior of your house.

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