These 10 Bedrooms Showcase Popular Blue Paint Colors

Q: I want to repaint my bedroom. What are some popular blue paint colors to use in a bedroom?

A: Did you know that blue bedroom walls are associated with serenity and likely help you sleep longer and better? We think that’s one reason blue is so popular. The other? Blue is just beautiful. Here are 10 popular blue paint colors showing why they’re best for bedrooms.

Smoke Blue

Dark blues are very popular for bedrooms, and one that tops the list is Smoke Blue.

blue bedroom round mirror

Mountain Stream

If you’re looking for a mid-tone blue-gray, check out Mountain Stream.

2020 ppg coty bedroom

Blue Bayberry

Blue Bayberry is navy with just a touch of green.

project bedroom blue nyc


Neutral without being bland, Pachyderm brings a little hint of the sea to your walls.

victorian bedroom purple gray walls

In The Shadows

Toned-down navy with a hint of gray, In The Shadows is romantic and sophisticated.

gray faux finish bedroom

Victory Blue

Looking for clean, classic and nautical? Try Victory Blue.

blue bedroom with floating shelves


For a blue, the color of sea glass, try Ariel for everything from master suites to your children’s rooms.

light gray blue painted wall gray bed

Midnight Hour

dark blue bedroom nyc

Midnight Hour is a dark, masculine color with a traditional, preppy feel.

Azalea Leaf

An irresistible combination of gray, green and blue, Azalea Leaf lends bedrooms an air of mystery.

deep navy blue wall


Another deeply saturated blue, Cavalry is an excellent substitute for black when you’re looking for a dark, elegant room.

blue accent wall nursery paintzen

If you like any of these looks, contact Paintzen where our color consultants and professional painters can help you get the bedroom of your dreams.  Visit our site to get your free and instant quote, and our house painters will be ready to paint your bedroom in as few as 72 hours.