Happy Birthday, America!!

The Quintessential Guideline to Decorating like a True American

Right now, the American spirit is at its pique and it will not be wavering anytime in the foreseeable future. Not far off from the ever-so summer kick off of Memorial Day Weekend, onto the Stanley Cup, the current World Cup and soon to be Fourth of July, it is a great time to be an American! The sun is blazing and the drinks are being poured, it is the pique of BBQs, pool parties and those wonderful weekends nights spent on rooftops. With Fourth of July right around the corner, it is that time to get crafty. We want you to have the best (and wallet-friendly) Fourth of July BBQ out there, and we are going to help you! The following will show easy and beautiful DIY crafts make sure that you have the most fabulous tablescapes and centerpieces for your celebrations!

Patriotic Stars

What youll need:

1.   Washi tape of your choosing

2.   Wooden stars

3.   X-ACTO knife

For this particular craft, choose tape that is patriotic but also has a flair to it. You can choose typical red, white and blue but don’t be afraid to throw in some gold stars to create an accent!

How youll make it:

To create these simple but decorative stars, take the wooden stars and line the tape to fit the wood. If there is a pattern, make sure that each point of the star matches accordingly with the previous piece of tape. After you have placed your tape on the stars, take the X-ACTO knife and trim the sides to make your beautiful stars!

Use these stars scattered on tables for simple centerpieces and randomly upon buffet-style tables. Or, if interested, you can hang string from the back and hang them in your backyard!




Mason Jar Candles

What youll need

  1. Mason Jars
  2. Glue
  3. Sequins of your choosing
  4. Battery Operated Tealights

How youll make it

Get ready, because you are not going to believe how easy this craft is, and how beautiful the finished product looks. This is the type of craft that is perfect to get your kids involved in because not only is it easy, it is fun to make! Take your mason jars, cover them in glue and then roll them onto the sequins and enjoy! During the day you can fill these mason jars with hydrangeas or any of your favorite flowers but when nighttime comes, pop in those battery-operated tea light and you have your own light producing centerpieces!



Apothecary Jar

What you’ll need:

1 Black Beans

2. Red Kidney Beans

3. Northern Beans

4. Jar

How youll make it

Find a large, decorative jar of your and layer the kidney and northern beans in an alternating sequence and top off with the black beans. This is the ultimate easy-to-do decoration that will not take any time. This is perfect as a little something extra on the table you display food on, or even the bar!