Greece’s White Houses Will Make You Want to Vacation Forever

With its warm summers, blue skies and seas and simple, white homes, Greece is a dream vacation destination. Imagine you’re there, soaking your toes in the water and nibbling olives, even as you soak up the decor ideas from these amazing homes.

Greek house with baby blue shutters
Photo: Lovers of Mint

Mint green shutters and red clay tiles act as color bookends for this white stucco home. On the terrace, the pillow on the bench picks up the colors, pulling everything together.

greek house - porch over looking the sea
Photo: Style Juicer

Simple, woven mats and cushions take the place of chairs. The natural hues of the porch, patio, and cushions blend together seamlessly. Why would you need furniture, when you have that view?

minimalist interior design
Photo: My Scandinavian Home

Embrace the indoor/outdoor lifestyle with floors made to be walked on with sandy feet. The white walls and furniture in this space make it feel airy and cool on hot afternoons.

greek home with infinity pool
Photo: Housination

Poolside lounges, an infinity pool and an adobe-style home overlooking the ocean. Is that heaven, or what? (P.S. The blue-and-white color scheme takes cues from the sea and landscape.)

greek isle home kitchen
Photo: Musings on Momentum

This kitchen has all the mod-cons, but still embraces Greece’s simple lifestyle. The white shiplap ceiling’s rustic appeal balances the sleek kitchen cabinets.

rustic greek isle kitchen
Photo: Apartment Therapy

On the other end of the kitchen spectrum is this small, rustic cooking space. There’s just enough room to cook a meal.

breezy white bedroom
Photo: The Style Files

Sleep deeply to the sound of the surf, with open windows and a gauzy white mosquito net. This one hangs from a simple frame, but you can also drape it from hooks or hang curtain rods from the ceiling.

greek island living room
Photo: SF Girl by Bay

In this simple room, a platform sofa forms its own side tables, while tiny stools stand in for a coffee table. No artwork is needed — just a book and a glass of something cool.

greek luxury hotel
Photo: Five Star Greece

This beautiful bedroom keeps the color palette neutral, even if it’s not stark white. The calming beige and cream walls and bedding recede into the background so the view is the highlight of the space.

Photo: Elle Decor

While this living room has Greece’s traditional white walls, the palette is much brighter. Blue cushions match the ocean outside, making the room feel like it grew out of the sea, while the bright cushions and whimsical art give it a fun vibe.

Create your own Greek-inspired escape by starting with one of our many white or neutral paint colors. Upload photos of your own home to find the perfect one or ask one of our experts for help.