Holiday Decor That Works Year Round

There’s nothing worse than taking down holiday decorations, and it can leave your house looking empty and bleak. But you don’t necessarily need to take down your decorations. Below is some holiday decor that works year round.

The important thing to remember is to treat each season as if it is a holiday.

While winter is taken care of, the other three seasons are usually lacking in the festive department. An easy thing to do is to keep some key pieces, but switch up the colors. Spring calls for colors like pink, while Summer calls for brighter colors, like a magenta.

1. Seasonal Wreaths

christmas wreath

Wide, round black chandeliers look great on their own. But adding greenery is a simple, but breathtaking way, to raise style without breaking the bank. Check out how lifestyle Instagram blogger Tiffany Jorge does hers for each season.

2. Have a Tree Year Round

golden yellow bedroom

What’s the best thing to replace a big tree with? A smaller one that sheds less. Hard-to-kill plants, like Ficus and cast-iron plants, add life and beauty to your home. Best of all, they require minimum upkeep.

3. Keep The Lights

two blue chairs and white paint wall

These industrial-looking lights add sophistication to your home, and can be used as the spotlight of the room or to highlight other areas. Stringing the lights around windows or across the ceiling bring some magic into your home.

4. Keep the Mistletoe and Flowers.

purple flower wallpaper

Almost every person has received a coffee mug or a rustic pitcher once for Christmas. The best way to use some of them? As a makeshift flower vase.

5. Keep the Blankets Out.

aqua living room dark green couch

Throw blankets and pillows can update any room, and you can change them seasonally. Plus, it’ll come in handy those nights when you binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy and need something to cling onto.

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack away the spirit that comes with it.