Bold Walls in Suburban Pittsburgh

Paintzen recently launched our painting services in Pittsburgh, PA. One of the first projects our Pittsburgh painting partners worked on was in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, where we painted a living room.

The owners of the home, Evelyn and David, had recently upgraded to a larger home and were excited to give it a new look. However, they had to work within a tight schedule – they had a vacation planned, but were hoping the work could be done by the time they returned home. The couple decided they would have Paintzen repaint their space while they were out of town – a complete transformation while they were gone!

We had a chance to speak with Evelyn about her experience of refreshing their living room and using Paintzen as their painting service.

Paintzen: Tell us a bit about your home, and why you decided to give your living room a fresh coat of paint! What inspired you to paint?

Evelyn: We were moving every 2 years, so many of our homes were painted the standard beige. In this living room, I liked the taupe paint color, but I wanted something bolder.

beige living room pittsburgh

PZ: What was your goal for the room? How did you want it to feel?

Evelyn: Well the whole house is pretty much beige, so I wanted something to stand out, something bold and elegant. I wanted a dark color so the paintings we had on the wall would pop! I want people to walk in and go “Whoa, nice!”

hire a painter

PZ: What was the color selection process like for you? How did you decide on the color that you chose?

Evelyn: I got the idea of going with blue because I have some blue in our couch pillows that went well with the white sofa. The color consultant on this project helped me narrow down my choices of blue. Then we used our free paint swatches to choose PPG’s Admiralty.

professional painter at work

PZ: What was most important to you during this process?

Evelyn: Getting the right color was important, but so was the painting technique. I usually like to paint myself, but the houses keep getting bigger so there were too many walls for me to paint! I wanted to make sure the paint coverage was perfect with no brush marks. The painters that were sent were very professional. There could have easily been brush marks, but there weren’t.

quality painting rolling paint

PZ: What was your experience like working with Paintzen?

Evelyn: Easy! I just opened the door and let them in. They got here at 9 and I left at 10. When I came home from vacation I had a beautiful room.

local painter painting

PZ: How do you feel about the room’s new look?

Evelyn: I had a vision for what I wanted and it took a while, but we finally got around to it. When you paint 1 room, you start thinking about all the other rooms you need to paint. I love how this room turned out. Now I just need to buy a rug!

pittsburgh blue living room

Paintzen was thrilled to be able to give this room a brand new look with a simple coat of paint. If the simplicity of this project inspires you, the steps are available to you right on our website. You can get complimentary color consultations, up to 5 free color swatches, and a free and instant online quote. Paintzen painters can be to your house in just a few days!