5 Ways to Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

It’s that time of year again. With the breeze becoming cooler and fall inching closer, the new school year is officially upon us. As we restock our backpacks with new folders, notebooks, and planners, it’s also a good time to take a second to look at your home. How can you enhance it to strengthen your studies? Here are 5 ways to help you promote ease and productivity in your space this school year to put your best foot forward.

Take Time to Organize

Decluttering may be the most important step in elevating your home as you embark on the new school year! This includes everything from your shelves to your walls. When you tidy up and clear space, it helps you better focus on the task at hand. Investing in functional storage bins and having clean white walls, free of distraction,  is paramount to finding the right system that works for you. Assess your room beforehand and locate the areas where you need to tidy up. A movable cart or a plastic storage container may be the easiest for the materials you are systematizing. Whatever you choose, make sure to dedicate a section to store homework and school papers but don’t forget to give it personality. 

craft room with pink accents

Dedicate an Area for Work

Pick a quiet area in your home and discuss with your family what everyone will need from it. When creating a work station, it’s encouraged to get creative! So having bold colors, like red, on the walls and accents helps get the juices flowing.  Your space doesn’t have to be designated to just a simple desk or table. Try investing in a lap desk to use with floor seating when you want a change of pace. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone in your family is different, therefore has specific needs. It’s crucial to take each request into account and compromise for a space that encourages their best, hard-working self. 

burgundy paint walls home office

Use Shelves to Your Advantage

Shelves are a great space saver and can have numerous benefits. If you’re cramped for space, add floor-to-ceiling shelves to any area. These can allow for great storage spaces to place baskets or bins. Packing books or loose school supplies into these will declutter your area quickly and open up spaces that were previously covered. If your home has unused closets, opt to utilize shelving to store your school supplies or crafts. And define your workspace with something edgy and modern, like a yellow accent behind your shelves. 

home office with yellow accent wall

Optimize Your Entryway

Use this space wisely. The entire family will be constantly scooting in and out of this area for the entire school year. Easy entry and exit can be essential when beginning and ending your day.  Investing in hooks for your backpacks and coats will keep the area tidy. Cubes or shelves for shoes will also be crucial. It may even be necessary to assign each family member a hook and cube, so items don’t get misplaced! With the right paint color and these small enhancements, your entryway can help eliminate stress and have a smooth start to the day.

green foyer with staircase

 Your home’s environment can make the school year so much easier. By having it properly organized, decorated, and painted, your family can be rewarded with a significant impact on your productivity.