What If the Top Runway Trends Were Beautiful Rooms?

Fall 2018’s top runway trends are colorful, sculptural and multi-layered – kind of like some of interior design’s most fashionable living rooms. So what if you took those haute couture clothes and turned them into totally hot living spaces? Read on for eye-popping color, pattern and a host of tres faconnable design ideas.

Layers Upon Layers

Vogue Fall 2018 runway with models wearing layered clothes
Photo: Paris Vogue

As Paris Vogue reported, layering is on point for next winter. Playing with volume, color and texture take a master, whether you’re talking clothes or interiors. Where Chanel and Prada use multi-tiered outfits with bursts of pattern and color, undeniable master designer Miles Redd focuses his gift for large-scale color and texture in this living room.

Fashionable Living Room with Blue Paint and Yellow Curtains
Photo: Architectural Digest

Like the outfits’ classic pumps, the room has a traditional base – club chairs + Louis XV chairs + wainscoting – but layered over that are bright bursts of color and texture. Voluminous yellow curtains, bold blue walls, red and white upholstery, and watching over it all a beautiful sculptural piece of art, reminiscent of the equally architectural coats on the runway models.

A Feminine Blush

Christian Dior strapless dress in blush
Photo: Vogue

If you love blush, you’ll love the feminine, almost Deco-inspired trend in clothes this season. And it translates equally well to rooms. In David Alhadeff’s Hollywood home, this spare living room puts all eyes on the graceful pale pink chair and abstract table.

Minimal Design Office and Living Room
Photo: Elle Decor

Similarly, Christain Dior spotlights the hue and the 1920-30s -throwback lines in this blush dress. Minimalists and romantics should try a little blush.

Eastern Influence

Men wearing Asian-inspired embroidered jackets
Photo: Wall Street Journal

This year, take a turn on the catwalk in the lush silk fabrics and intricate embroidery of Chinese-influenced style.

Eastern Inspired Fashionable Living Room
Photo: Domino

To get this look at home, start with a striking sofa in Eastern-inspired fabrics and rich colors. The burgundy wall provides the grounding backdrop needed to put the richly colored sofa in the spotlight.

Animal Prints

Models wearing animal print clothes on the runway
Photo: Glowsly

Classic animal prints are super-hot this year but they never really go out of style. So fearlessly translate that look into a classic, jazzed up space.

Traditional living room with black walls and a leopard print couch
Photo: Pinterest

Upholster a normally traditional sofa or chair with your fave print. Then pair it with bold, coordinated rugs and pillows. As with clothes, keep it grounded: A sisal carpet and black walls (like PPG’s Black Magic) are the blue jeans or dark sweater that make it all work.

Comfortable Tweed

Model wearing a menswear tweed suit on the runway
Photo: Vogue

Nothing says Sherlock Holmes more than tweed. But why settle for a Victorian cape when you can have a runway-fresh suit and coat with a modern, comfortable twist?

Classic Textures in Fashionable Living Room with Greige Walls
Photo: HGTV

If you took this easygoing ensemble and turned it into a room, you might get Joseph Publionnes’ living room. With a relaxed couch and a gray-greige-brown color scheme (consider using PPG’s Stonehenge Greige), you’ll want to pull out the Kindle and immerse yourself in the Hounds of the Baskerville (deerstalker not included).

Metallic Neutrals

Model wearing neutral metallic formal dress
Photo: Livingly

Like animal prints, metallic neutrals are always in. But on the years they’re really in fashion, like Fall 2018, we’re reminded why we love them.

Metallic looking interior design in living room
Photo: Elle Decor

Elegant and sophisticated, welcoming and often deeply feminine, they provide a backdrop for a comfortable, intimate life. And like this timeless Elie Saab dress, they’re utterly classic.

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