Color Palettes Inspired By Your Favorite Summer Cocktails

Oh, 2020 – you crazy year, you. While we can’t hit reset on the twelvemonth, we can (and have) enjoyed a drink or three to muddle our way (See what we did there?) through this uncertain time. And now that it’s officially summer, even if the rest of the world hasn’t lightened up, our cocktails sure have. Why not embrace that summer feeling year-round with a room inspired by your favorite libation?

Here are 8 ideas to get you started.


Paint Color: Moss Ring

The mojito may not just be the perfect rum drink – it may be the perfect drink for hot weather. Minty, sweet, tart and cool, these Cuban highballs were built to combat heat and humidity, and polish the edge off a hard day. Capture this cocktail’s chill spirit with an equally cool, minty/lime wall color, perfect for guest rooms or home offices.


Paint Color: Wet Coral

The Negroni’s bright, ruby-red hue comes, not from the coniferous gin or sweet Vermouth, but from the bitter, fruity Campari. It brings to mind warm Italian nights spent by the sea, made sweeter by the company you’re with. Embrace the spirit of family, friends and summer sunsets with this rich, red hue.


Paint Color: Lime Splash

The beloved libation of Mexican restaurants, the margarita’s salty-sweet flavor keeps the fun, and the pitchers, coming. Capture this party flavor in your décor with a beautiful lime hue. How cute would this be in a kids’ room?

Pina Colada

Paint Color: Crisp Candlelight

Rum, coconut milk and pineapple come together to create a frothy, sweet, peachy-yellow-hued delight. Use this creamy color to warm up an open-plan living area.

yellow wall palm tree



Paint Color: Apple-a-Day

Sangria is the ultimate party drink, softening and sweetening inexpensive table wine with fruit, fruit juice, simple syrup and triple sec. Even though we’re still gathering six feet apart, your space can retain the memory of happy meals shared elbow-to-elbow, with a deep, rich red paint color on the walls.

Moscow Mule

Paint Color: Summer Sunset

The Moscow Mule gets its kick from vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. And while this near-colorless drink shows a tinge of green from a mint garnish, it’s the sunset-hued copper cup that’s its visual calling card.

Rum Runner

Paint Color: Candy Corn

Sometimes you just need a drink from the Tiki bar, one whose little pink umbrella belies the power of the concoction within. Two kinds of rum, a couple of liqueurs and fruit juice come together to create a bold orange-toned cocktail that’s the essence of summer. Fire up your décor with this bright, happy hue.


Paint Color: Riviera Rose

Our list wouldn’t be complete without summer’s pink drink, rosé. Light, tangy, fruity and delightfully feminine in color, this shade would be the perfect backdrop for girls’ bedrooms — even the grownup girls’.

coral pink living room

Let your imagination – and your favorite cocktails – be your guide as you browse our color tool. And while you’re there, be sure to ask for free color samples, on us. Let’s get this (socially distanced) painting party started.