The Most Popular Interior Paint Colors for 2019

Trending Paint Colors in 2019

This year, leading paint companies and color empires decided on popular interior paint colors for 2019. PPG Paints, Paintzen’s primary paint supplier, named Night Watch – a deep and rich green – as its 2019 Color of the Year. Since that announcement this dark green color has been making a splash and can be seen on a lot of lists proclaiming top paint trends.

This year, earthy tones are in. We will walk you through the top trends for interior paint colors for 2019, so you can get ahead of the design game this year. These particular paint colors are sure to make a statement and will be painting the town this year.

Ready for Red

These red paint colors are powerful and bold. Though some appear muted, don’t mistake that for blandness. Red and all shades of red are energetic.

The more bright and bold the red is, the better it is in a room like the living room that encourages community and conversation. Darker and deeper shades of reds, like burgundy, look elegant and sophisticated in bedrooms and dining rooms.

red living room

A color like PPG’s Cherry Brandy is a brilliant pink-red to use masterfully in a living room or dining room. You can also consider painting kitchen cabinets in this luscious cherry red.

Check out PPG’s Merlot, Blaze, and Ashes of Roses for more trending red paint colors.

Bring the Outdoors In

These relaxing colors ring of beautiful water vistas. Aqua transforms a room into a place of tranquility. With its close proximity to green, aqua is refreshing, resulting in a nurturing and encouraging space.

These green and blue hues are ideal for children’s rooms, family rooms, and bathrooms, because they can reduce stress and invite relaxation. It also promotes good energy and calm.

domio chicago green

A color like PPG’s Obsidian, is a stunning paint for a dining room because of this. Artifact and Kingston Aqua are also beautiful aqua colors that are bound to be big in the coming year.

Go Bold

Mossy greens are stunning in any living area and greens with gray undertones offer a misted, softened look that are certainly trending. Deep tones are elegant as  kitchen cabinets update or accent walls in a study or office. A color like PPG’s Solstice is perfect for a dining room and works equally well with deep plums or blues.

2019 ppg coty crown molding

Purple is inspirational and creates a pretty environment that nurtures a sense of balance and purpose. (Think Purple Mountains’ Majesty). Purples are soothing and elegant for living rooms and transitional areas. Try Chilled Wine for a similar look.

pittsburgh blue living room

A blue like Dark Indigo is hopeful – relating to the horizon on the sea, trust, tranquil, loyal and patriotic, while darker hues work well as secondary or accent colors.

Black Magic

Black is a commitment, but what a statement it makes. Use as an accent wall with a great piece of artwork or on the wall with a bed that has gorgeous grays and whites in the duvet and pillows.

PPG’s Black Forest is a deep green grey is perfect for exterior trim or features, perfect for a front door color. Pair with rich red or vibrant orange for a delightful natural exterior.

black paint living room

Black Magic, our deepest and darkest black makes a statement in any room. Pair with white for a clean, classic look or with any other color to make it stand out.


White paint colors promote security and stability in the home. Used in the right way, whites can be very modern and clean.

Beige colors with a whisper of gray in them soften a room’s backdrop and make it easy to coordinate with pillows and artwork to add pops of color.

Surprisingly cool, PPG’s Ash, a nearly perfectly balanced beige, is a stunning room color or trim color. Consider painting the ceiling this deeper off-white for a professional appeal.

living room white walls

Delicate White, one of our most requested colors is a beautiful, complex white, rich and soft at the same time. It works equally well as the main color as a trim accent for your project. It is very compatible and can be used with almost all colors.

If you are looking to try out some of these colors in your own home, take advantage of Paintzen’s Free Color Swatches service, where you can choose colors and we will send 8″ x 8″ swatches right to your door for free! Get inspired and find your color today! Once you’ve found your inspiration, our interior paint pros can help.