Looking to Hire NYC Painters?

Home to over 8.5 million people, New York, NY has more apartments, condos, and homes than any other city in the country. Keeping each of these homes freshly painted and in excellent condition keeps NYC painters very busy.

Because New York is home to so many renters, many people need to apply a fresh coat of paint at the end of their lease to ensure that it is prepared for the next tenent. While Manhattan consists mostly of apartments, there are numerous property types, requiring different paint techniques.

Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, and are more suburban ares like Long Island, are full of houses that require upkeep. If you have a home that needs paint, it can be tempting to do it yourself. However, choosing to hire a painter in New York is more accessible and more affordable than you think. Here is how to find the best New York house painting services in your area.

Step 1 – Research

loft apartment nyc living room

Know who you are hiring. Check online reviews. You want to be sure your painter has enough experience in the industry to do a successful job. For example, does your painter have a thorough knowledge of the tools and supplies needed for your particular project? Are they familiar with the local area and it’s unique architecture?

Something else to check is whether your painter has the skills and residential painting experience necessary to handle both the interior and exterior of your home.

It’s also important to have a clear understanding of the scope of the painter’s capabilities. Do they have wallpaper installers? Can they handle water damage or skim coating? Do they have a grasp on interior designer trends? And do they typically use quality paints?

Step 2 – What’s the Cost

Next comes looking at the fees that will be involved. It’s essential to know the difference between an estimate and a quote. An estimate is a general idea of what the painter anticipates your job will cost. A quote is a hard price that you will receive for the project.

Ask if the paint and supplies are in your quote. Not having to supply it yourself carries benefits such as avoiding trips to the hardware store. If anyone knows how essential convenience is, it is New Yorkers. New York is a vibrant city that is always on the go, and a good painter knows how important it is for a project to be seamless and easy.

Paintzen is a New York house painting service that is a “one-stop solution” that helps make this happen. Finally, it is essential to ask your painter about any extra fees. You want to reduce the risk of unwanted surprises later on in the process.

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Step 3 – Book Your Job

Now that you know the basics of how to find house painting services in New York, consider Paintzen for your next house painting project. Paintzen has a full platform of knowledgeable and experienced painters who are familiar with painting in New York. Moreover, our paint contractors are fully insured and vetted. We want to ensure that only the best and most trustworthy painters are completing your next paint project.

Our painters are also available for both interior and exterior paint jobs because we know the importance of having your house look beautiful from all angles!

The next time you need New York house painting services, consider Paintzen. Our contractors have years of experience and our project managers are here to assit you from start to finish. It’s effortless to get started with a free and instant online quote!