Luxury Master Bathroom Paint Ideas

The great thing about having a luxurious master bathroom is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Most bathrooms, even master baths, are fairly small in size. Especially compared to the other rooms in your home. This means you can create a big impact with even small and minor changes. Even the most delicate of details are sure to be noticed.

By carefully selecting the perfect paint color, elegant and beautiful tiles, and plush, comfortable towels and rugs, you bring to life your most luxurious master bathroom ideas in your home, no matter what your budget is! Read on for some bathroom paint ideas!

Paint Colors

Though some people have been known to paint the walls of their bathrooms in bright, vibrant colors, or deep hues like purples and blacks, a truly luxurious bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, the best paint color choices are neutrals or gentle pastel blues and greens.

A pastel color scheme is cool and refreshing; it is the perfect shade for those looking to feel revived after a long, hard day. This color also pairs beautifully with sandy beiges (like a wood floor) and soft whites, making it a common choice for those homeowners who are inspired by the island oasis aesthetic.

blue bathroom white wainscotting

Blues can be fresh and bright, evocative of crystal clear streams and cloudless summer skies.  It would be difficult to not feel completely at ease in a bathroom painted this color. It’s somehow casual and elegant at the same time; versatile enough to be used in a simple bathroom or paired with brilliant tile, shiny metals, and decorative mirrors in a more luxurious space.

black and white tile bathroom

You can never go wrong with a pure white when you’re striving for elegance. This color will remind guests of clean linens and cozy towels and will create a spa-like ambiance; a place where they can truly feel refreshed. Coupled with natural light from windows, it can make a master bathroom truly feel like a place of luxury.

slate blue walls with marble tile


The great thing about the above paint colors is that they are usually quite easy to match with tile. But gentle walls deserve gentle floors. Try ceramic or porcelain white tile floors, which also translates well on the counters. Try the extremely-popular blue glass tiles in the shower stall arranged in the shape of an ocean wave, or a create a two-tone wall paint on top and the bottom tiled with green or blue ceramic or glass.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to flex your interior designer muscles, you might consider using mosaic tiles in your bathroom remodel.

white painted paneling bathroom

Luxury Decor

When comes to luxury master bathroom ideas, the decor is really what can make all the difference. Using pure white, soft, plush towels everywhere lends to that spa-like aesthetic. Roll them up, and put them in wicker baskets beneath the sink, or arrange them in a glass-fronted cabinet. Spread flokati area rugs made of thick wool on the floor for guests’ feet to sink into, and hang only the very best shower curtains.

There are even candles that smell like fresh linens or eucalyptus. Arrange them on the tub deck or on countertops to light and bring your relaxation station to a new level. A few drops of essential oil derived from lavender, attar of roses, amber or jasmine can fill an entire room when heated in a diffuser.

Orchids and other live plants adore the warmth and humidity of a bathroom. Oblige them by putting them on the vanity.

Light fixtures also play a big role in bathroom design. In small bathrooms or powder rooms, you can really have a lot of fun and take more risks than you might in other home decors.

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