Featured Project: Jill Romine’s Home Office

Paintzen recently worked with Jill Romine to install wallpaper in her home office.

Jill Romine is a New York City-based interior designer with 11 years of interior architecture and design experience. Romine came from California, and after arriving on the east coast, she launched her company, JRID. Romine serves clients on both coasts and is an agency designer for Hompolish in the New York area.

Part of Romine’s design philosophy is how the design of a space can impact a person. “I believe interior design is a 3-dimensional representation of ones’ personality and character. I love that moment when a client walks into their new space for the first time and finally understands what it feels like to have a place that truly reflects who they are.”

When she contacted Paintzen in January 2019, she was looking to add a little something extra to her office space in her New York home.

Jill has never personally done wallpaper in her home before, but she says, “I source it all the time for clients.” With wallpaper becoming easier to install and remove, more homeowners and designers are turning to it. It’s an easy way to add character to a space.

“I think it’s a little bit more interesting,” says Romine, “and a little bit more dynamic than just paint. It’s more of a commitment, but I think it has a bigger impact and wow factor when you walk into a space.”

So when Jill’s husband recommended adding it to their home office, she thought, why not. “We were sitting down there one day, and it was a complete sterile white box, so we were figuring out how to warm it up. Because the walls are recessed, they are not the first thing you notice when you walk down there. So we thought that it would be an interesting place to do something funky.”

jill romine interior wallpaper

It was time to figure out how to make the walls more interesting. Romine’s office is full of samples, swatches, and books. She decided to use that as inspiration. “I thought it’d be fun to have a wall of books without actually doing a wall of built-in bookshelves.”

She went with the Encyclopedia Wallpaper from Muriva. It’s a beautiful paper that replicates the traditional bookshelf design with a Victorian flair.

Paintzen was able to use one of our expert wallpaper installers to complete the job quickly and accurately. Romine especially liked our project management service. “Paintzen was attentive, quick to respond to all inquiries, and set us up with a professional who did a great job!

It seems that everyone feels at home with this newly designed space!

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