Featured Project: Helping a Travel Blogger Come Home to a Freshly Painted Space

When it comes to moving, your to-do list can seem impossibly long. From searching for a new space to locking down a closing date and then finally making your new place your own, moving can be exhausting. And while the idea of a freshly painted space sounds amazing, adding another task to your list might be too much to handle.

Paintzen connected with Sarah Mack, of the travel and lifestyle blog O The Places We’ll Go. Sarah works full time as a financial analyst, but travel has always been an important part of her life.  She created O The Places We’ll Go as a creative outlet. It helps her express her love of travel, share some favorite places, and meet fellow travelers. 

Sarah recently purchased her first condo in Chicago. She was excited to make it feel like home. And while she knew a coat of paint would be worth it in her new space, it was a bit of an inconvenience. 

Hiring A Painter

dining nook gallery wall

Sarah reached out to the Paintzen team and we were happy to help! She booked her paint job online and scheduled it for while she was out of town. She wanted to come home to a “brand new” apartment. Our crew, armed with paint and supplies, arrived at Sarah’s home the morning of her trip. After a quick walk through, our crew sent her on her way, and got to work!

Choosing the Palette

While she was away, one of our local Chicago paint crews transformed the walls. They were dark with gray accents. Some paint turned them into warm, creamy canvases for Sarah to display the art, decor, and other treasures she’s collected over her years of traveling. Her condo felt lighter, brighter, and cleaner – a much more welcoming place than the one she left. Our painters cleaned up and cleared out of the place before Sarah’s returned, so she walked into a space that was truly refreshed.

white brick fireplace yellow walls

We were so excited to work with Sarah, and that we helped her achieve her goal of coming back from her trip to a freshly painted home!

To learn more about Sarah and where has traveled, check out her blog! https://www.placeswellgo.com/