Paintzen’s Boston Painting Service Paints a Nursery

There were a lot of things happening in Jodi Pavia’s life. A South Boston resident who recently moved and was expecting a baby boy. With any new home, some things needed changing. “The room was currently painted pink (although my husband wanted to keep the color for our baby boy). I think something a little more neutral like a soft yellow or beige works better,” Pavia said. But the last thing she wanted to spend a lot of time doing was updating a nursery. Enter our Paintzen Boston painting service!

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A Little Preoccupied

She did use a lot of social media to get started with getting the nursery ready for the big day. “I used Pinterest quite a bit to get color scheme ideas. We already had a few items for our nursery, like a crib and changing table, and searched for neutral nursery ideas with walls that complemented dark wood furniture.”

But in the end, scrolling through Pinterest could only get her so far. The fact of the matter was that she was eight months pregnant and had a few other things on her mind, which is how Pavia found Paintzen.

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Hiring A Painter

“We’ve never hired painters before,” said Pavia. “We did some renovations at our last place, and the contractor and his team did some minor painting, but we didn’t love the outcome because they weren’t professional painters. We also don’t own painting supplies. I added up how much it would cost to get everything we need and the cost to use Paintzen wasn’t unreasonable in comparison. It’s also a large well-lit room, and the paint job needs to be seamless! That and the fact that I was eight months pregnant, I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to take on this project.”

When Pavia finally got in touch with Paintzen, we couldn’t wait to help. Paintzen was able to quickly get her a quote and a painter, in addition to finding the perfect color for her nursery.

paintzen boston nursery project
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The Result

“Paintzen was fantastic! I explained what I was trying to do and that I’d never hired painters before and needed help with picking a color. I connected with a Paintzen color consultant; she was fantastic. I explained how much sunlight the room gets, and I sent her some photos of the furniture and the bedroom. She immediately sent some great swatches (overnight shipped to my house so I could see in person).”

The result was a beautiful nursery in PPG’s Magnolia Blossom. Paintzen completed Jodi Pravia’s project quickly and she didn’t have to worry about any of the logistics, allowing her to concern herself with some more important things.

Learn more about our Paintzen Boston painting service by learning more about our services or getting a quote. If you’re not quite ready, you can order free color swatches in our samples portal.

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