6 Healthy Rooms For Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

For most of us, getting (and staying) healthy is one of our biggest life goals. But daily living can make that tough, so it’s important to find hacks to make it easier. One hack that may not be on your radar? Creating rooms in your home that promote health. From meditation spaces where you find your Zen, to craft rooms that free your creativity, here are some healthy rooms (and colors) that are sure to inspire you to get — and stay — on track.

Meditation Spaces

greek bedroom white walls aqua accents

Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health, makes us more self-aware, can reduce age-related memory loss and even make us kinder — all proven by science. But what research can’t do is make us sit down and meditate. That’s where a beautiful meditation space comes in. The good news is, you don’t need a whole room. A corner, a chair or even a reading nook (like this one, painted serene white) will do.

slate blue walls with marble tile

The idea is to create a space that’s both minimalist and nurturing to the spirit. Surprisingly, the bathroom can be a natural place to meditate. A long bath, scented with essential oils that promote relaxation (think lavender or lemongrass), turns off the monkey mind and brings inner peace. Painting the space green triggers the brain to relax, making it easier to find your calm.

Craft Rooms

hipster home office digital clock

There’s a known link between creativity and happiness, and what better way to foster both than a craft room? A beautifully painted craft space — like this one, with its bold, diagonal stripe — will get you in the mood to create.

office white desk and walls

An organized craft space makes for a serene mind, allowing you to focus on your task at hand. And choosing white paint as your dominant color lets your craft supplies become part of the design. So lower your stress, ditch the depression, focus on the moment and process emotions — all direct benefits of being creative.

Home Offices

desk in living room dark gray blue paint

Healthier and happier people are more productive — and vice versa. People who are happier are also better at problem-solving and being creative. That makes creating a home office you love vital, not just to your overall well-being, but to your productivity, too. Painting it blue, which stimulates the intellect, can make your office a natural place to think.

desk against gray wall

As you’re designing your home office, look for ways to make the space yours. The color scheme is a good place to start. Black and white, when used together, create a sense balance, peace, and clarity — perfect for a harmonious workspace.

If you need help painting your ultimate healthy space, our professional interior painters are here to help.

Find The Right Colors That Inspire Health