4 Fresh Bedroom Paint Colors

Every day brings with it a fresh start. Why not permit yourself to take a fresh approach to paint color, too? Here are four fresh bedroom paint colors that will make your home — and your life — brighter than ever before.

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Lilac that almost indefinable bluish-purple, is making a comeback. Not only do we see this harbinger of spring on the runways, but it’s also a hit on walls too.

light purple kids bedroom

While pale purple is a natural choice for a little girl’s bedroom (see next photo), it’s natural for a grownup’s boudoir, too. What makes it work here? Elegant, feminine furniture; layered shades of purple on the chair, curtains, and pillows; and that sparkling chandelier shout luxury. Try PPG’s Weeping Wisteria for a similar look.

In a kid’s room, lilac can take a more playful approach, as it does here. Try this yourself with light walls, darker-hued upholstery, and whimsy in the accessories. This color, paired with some bright white accent colors, will make any room feel more relaxing.



chicago bedroom red accent wall

While red has been shown to raise blood pressure and heart rate, the muted, rich cranberry tones are enlivening without being overwhelming.

Use the color in the living room, where people will gather to enjoy each other’s company. Or tone it down with rich wood, mid-modern accents, and muted light. Make any room this delicious with Magenta.

Fir Green

forest green living room

Last year’s jewel colors aren’t going anywhere — they’re just taking a slightly more muted approach. Rather than gleaming emerald, go for its darker cousin, fir green.

Carry it from room to room, along with some key accessories (like the large candlesticks in this photo), to create a pleasing sightline. Give a music room the quiet, introspective air of a wooded glen by blending the deep green hue with floating wood shelves.

Or build a home office that feels like anything but work by layering a beautiful jumble of furniture and knick-knacks. What pulls it all together? The almost-black, mysterious green wall (try Midnight Clover).

Nautical Blue

dark blue bedroom nyc

This soulful blue, PPG’s Admiralty, can take many flavors, from blue-black to navy. It’s a perennial favorite for bedrooms because it’s known to be relaxing. But its bold spirit works just as well in a kitchen, entryway, or living room.

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