10 Holiday Decor Ideas To Make The Season Colorful

We’re all looking for fun new holiday decor ideas to bring color to the holidays. From table settings to door decorations to Christmas trees, here are 10 ideas that will make your holidays shine — in living color.

A Sign of the Season

PPG White Bedroom with Christmas Decorations
Photo: Beneath My Heart

If guests are coming to stay, create a welcoming room for them with colorful linens and a cheery sign proclaiming the holidays have arrived. Set out holiday towels in the guest bathroom, along with a basket filled with water, snacks and toiletries to make them feel right at home.

A Snow-Inspired Table Setting

Formal Dining Room with Light Blue Walls and White Crown Molding
Photo: Kelley Nan

In this pale blue dining room, the wall color is the main event. If you have a space where your color scheme reigns supreme, let your holiday decorations take their inspiration from the seasonal snow and twinkling stars.

A Silver-Bells Kitchen

White Kitchen Cabinets with Winter Themed Decor
Photo: Liz Marie Blog

Don’t let a small apartment kitchen stop you from bringing the holiday love! Hang ornaments from the cabinets and fill the space with metal bowls and greenery. At night, the ornaments and metallics will cast a warm reflection.

A Twinkling Little Tree

Small Christmas tree with green accent
Photo: Comfy Dwelling

Another tip for small-space dwellers: Tip a tiny tree into a vintage urn. Then add a bright, cheerful mix of ornaments and gifts. Your decorations may be small, but they’re mighty.

A Festive Mantel

Hanukah Mantel Gift Bags
Photo: Babble

Celebrate the countdown of Hanukah nights with gift bags on the mantel. The traditional blue-and-white decor brings feelings as cozy as the candle glow.

A Cheery Bottle-Brush Tablescape

Christmas Table with Runner and Decorations
Photo: Country Living

A forest of bottle-brush trees will bring smiles to their faces when it comes time for the holiday meal. Pair the festive table setting with a midcentury modern white tree for a Christmas you’ll always remember.

A Color Block Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree with Rainbow Ombre
Photo: Mommy Shorts

If you organize your clothes or books by color, you’re going to love this color-block Christmas tree crowned with a spray of gold ornaments. Pairing a red tree skirt with the pink-and-red ornaments in the first row keeps your eyes climbing to the top.

A Festive Front Door

9 Pane Wood Door with Winter Decorations & Wreath
Photo: The Inspired Room

Bring natural color to your front door with a berry-sprigged wreath. Then welcome the season’s first snow with handmade snowflakes, one for each window pane.

A Colorful Holiday Table

Holiday Table Runner and Decoration
Photo: Cute DIY Projects

Use extra ornaments, seasonal greenery, and lacy candleholders to set a glowing table for Christmas dinner. Pick up ornaments at flea markets, antique stores or after-Christmas sales, then store them in plastic bins or cardboard boxes to make them easy to access.

A Cozy Place for Cards

Garland hanging around a door frame
Photo: Pure Wow

Holiday cards bring their own color, memories and fun. Open them up to for the world to see (and read) by hanging them on a garland. Greenery with ornaments is a classic option, but colorful swags of ribbon work beautifully, too.

Bring home the spirit of the holidays with bright new color ideas, whether you’re setting the table, decorating the tree or lighting Hanukah candles. To get some color inspiration for your holiday decor ideas, check out our new color tool!