The 20 Paint Color Trends in Houston & Dallas

They say everything is bigger in Texas. This certainly doesn’t exclude homes and the Texas decor that requires bold choices that work with the environment. Interior design trends in Texas have gained popularity in recent years, likely due to the popularity of shows like HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Paintzen wanted to take a look into the most popular PPG paints in Houston and Dallas that homeowners are using.

While style choices may be bold, the paint color palette tends to remain quite tame and neutral.

Famous for natural decorative touches, like the stereotypical cowhide rugs and antlers hung on the wall, to the more subtle natural touches of wood and plant life throughout the home, Texas houses are rich with the natural world.


popular neutral paint texas

The colors of the walls do not overpower these features; they support the focal points of the home.

Clean, crisp, light colors are a great choice for trim, perfectly accenting the neutral tones of the wall. PPG’s Delicate White is a rich and complex white that works with most paint colors and a paint color like Commercial White is a great accent to taupe features and paints.

1) Delicate White
2) Garlic Clove
3) Commercial White

In Texas, the most popular paint colors for walls fall on the softer end of hues,  like white, beige, and gray! These paints are rich in character and can offer a sense of stability and familiarity in the home, creating a welcoming and comforting space.


Gray paints like PPG’s Thin Ice, Flagstone, and Dover Gray are great choices for open floor plans and can be used in the entire room or on just one wall. These shades wonderfully incorporate earth tones like yellow and green.

popular colors texas

These paint colors can also work nicely in bedrooms, where you want to invoke feelings of tranquility and calm. In kitchens too; you can offset the gray with natural greens of plants and produce.

4) Thin Ice
5) Flagstone
6) Dover Gray
7) Fog
8) Early Evening
9) Swirling Smoke


Beige has always been a classic choice for interior paint and for good reason, it’s a universal color! A group of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University discovered that the universe, when looked at as a whole, is beige! Who wouldn’t want some of the cosmos in their living room?

popular colors in texas

Paint colors like PPG’s Toasted Almond, Antique White, and Seriously Sand serve as a great canvas for southern decor and helps create a cohesiveness from between the outside and inside.

10) Navajo White
11) Antique White
12) Moth Gray
13) Whiskers
14) Toasted Almond
15) Synchronicity
16) Seriously Sand
17) Ashen
18) Storm’s Coming
19) Stonehenge Greige


Homeowners in Dallas, Houston, and the rest of Texas don’t shy away from bold paint colors, though. Accent walls are a great place to experiment with stronger paint hues. PPG’s Black Flame is one of those colors. It is a deep black and is a great choice for a dining room to make a statement with bright and vibrant artwork and creamy white trim.

20) Black Flame

dining room colors

Regardless of paint color, Texans know how to make homes look beautiful. Having recently launched in Houston in addition to some exciting projects in Dallas, Paintzen is loving what Texas residents have to offer.

If you are looking to paint your house and need some help choosing a color, Paintzen color consultants can assist you in this process. Or if you are drawn to some of the paint colors featured in this post, you might consider getting our free color swatch service where we send you 5 free Color Swatches!

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