8 Sophisticated Exterior House Colors with Black Windows

Over the last few years, exterior paint colors have weighed in on the pastel side. Think Robin’s Egg Blue doors or pale greige walls. But we’ve been seeing a shift to a darker, more sophisticated palette: taupe or tan exterior house colors with black windows and trim.

Tudor stucco home with taupe paint and black roof and trim
Photo: Cella Architecture

On this Tudor home, dark taupe gives the traditional silhouette a modern feel. The black door, trim and accents (love the gutters) make it look like it’s wearing elegant evening attire.

Bungalow with tan siding, white trim, black shutters and a dog
Photo: BHG.com

When you think black shutters, you often think of ho-hum white exterior paint. But darken the hue just slightly — to this creamy tan — and it’s like adding garlic to a dish. Suddenly, you’ve taken things up a notch!

Traditional home with taupe paint, white trim and black shutters
Photo: Nesting Notions

You’ll often see this exterior color scheme with white trim. The white’s crisp, clean lines make the black accents really pop. And the combo brings out any older home’s charming style.

Traditional home with tan paint, white trim and black shutters
Photo: My Metro Construction

The trick when using this color combination (well, every color combo, really)  is to pay attention to the details. If you use black shutters, tie them in with black shutter dogs, light fixtures and porch accessories, for a done-by-a-designer look.

Beach house with tan paint, white trim and black shutters
Photo: Catalyst Architecture

Most beach houses go for the pastels, but this one swerved away from the crowd, going for a more modern exterior color scheme.

Transitional home with taupe paint, white trim and black shutters
Photo: Illinois Energy

Even new-build homes look great in this combo. The taupe-white-black exterior color scheme brings out the best of this home’s transitional lines.

Beach house with greenish-tan walls, cream trim and black windows and doors
Photo: HGTV.com

This beach-side house shows how this hot color combo also works with a green undertone.  Paired with a creamy trim and black windows and doors, the greenish-tan looks fresh and exciting.

Large Hampton's home with tan paint, cream trim and black shutters
Photo: Devore Associates

The great thing about this exterior color scheme is that it scales up or down. Unlike some tones, which might be too bright for larger homes (like blue or yellow), a tan, white and black combo work on any size house. Their strength is in showing the architectural details.

Are you looking for the latest color combinations for the outside of your home? Visit samples.paintzen.com, where you can upload a photo of your home and try on new paint colors, or browse color galleries till you find the exterior color scheme that makes your heart sing.