The Color to Paint Your House Before Selling

It’s always a smart idea to paint your house before selling. You dramatically increase the chances of getting more for you home. Especially if you choose the right color in the right room. Homeowners who paint their bathrooms a shade of blue earn an average of $5,440 more than asking price, according to a recent Zillow survey.

Go Blue

slate blue home office

Blue is one of the most popular home colors, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. And that popularity leads to a higher resale value when you compare homes with blue bathrooms to homes with comparable white bathrooms Try a paint color like Pale Seafoam to get the look of this bathroom.

Paint Your Ceiling

white brick walls blue ceiling

Which colors are paying off the most? Light blue, gray-blue and periwinkle. Aqua Whisper is a PPG paint color that can make your bathroom calm and inviting to any home buyer.

Try an Accent Wall

powder blue accent wall sitting nook

Zillow says that cool neutrals, like PPG’s Breakwater, “have broad appeal, and may signal that the home is well cared for or has other desirable features.”

Sophisticated Blues

white cabinets baby blue glass tile

Paired with a soft white, a sophisticate blue tone makes for a welcoming space. Try Blue Booties for a similar look.

teal living room white couch

The blue-gray paint, like PPG’s How Handsome, embodies sophistication against the dark wood vanity.

Paint Your Cabinets

And while the study didn’t look at painted vanities, we love this blue-and-white bathroom so much; we could see buyers thinking it represented a well-cared for home. Blue Promise can help you get this look for your vanity.

Are you prepping your home to sell? Having your bathroom painted blue may be a smart choice.  Paintzen professional house painters are famous for their quality work and expertise. Paired with our exceptional customer service team and color consultants, our painting service can match the look of any of these rooms for your home. And if these pics still weren’t enough, you can get even more paint color ideas on our samples portal.

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