The Best Paint Colors for 2020, According to Interior Designers

The easiest way to update the look and feel of any space is with a new coat of paint. Whether you’re looking to improve a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, fresh paint is an easy and affordable way to transform your home.

Designers across the country are excited to see what colors make their way into homes.

In 2019 roughly 39% of all surfaces Paintzen painted were white. But designers involved with our Trade Partner Program seem to think there will be a bit more color in 2020.

Green Jewel Tones


The political and social climate plays a role in some of the color choices this year. Homeowners are looking for something that is both bold and neutral at the same time. These colors will make a statement, but they won’t offend the décor or homeowners.

1. Evening Emerald

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Rhobin DelaCruz, who launched his bicoastal design firm in 2008, thinks “moody colors” are going to be on the rise. “Jade green, emerald blue, and gunmetal gray are just a few we saw take the stage this year.” DelaCruz believes these types of colors are here to stay, but “with a twist.”  “With fashion taking a nod to the ’80s, interiors too appear to be on-trend to acknowledge this decade. Expect to see chalkier versions of these moody colors, such as Evening Emerald. It’s bold enough to set the tone of a room and grounded enough to fall into neutral territory.”

2. Dark Green Velvet

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Brett Helsham, a successful NYC designer, is also seeing green.  “I love Dark Green Velvet right now. It’s this gorgeous green that sits in between a jewel tone and a pastel, being both bright and subdued at the same time – but with a lot of personality!”

Helsham says that we are often drawn to earth tones in times of political and social upheaval because of their neutrality. “You can mix it with a seafoam/toothpaste green for a tone on tone, or you can mix it with a pastel pink to lighten the mood! (I think you can throw any color with it, and it would look amazing – deep purple, yes, bright orange, yes, yes!) It looks great with a beat-up leather sofa and some fun light blue side chairs, or with all neutral-toned furniture with lots of nubby, textured fabrics!”

She goes on to say, “this color is perfect for a room where stories can be shared – a home library or office, or even a den – a place that’s small and intimate where you want to spend time with the ones you love in a more intimate setting.”

3. Royal Hunter Green

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Myra Epp of Tetrachrome Design sees homeowners and designers alike embracing warmth and depth in 2020.  “I anticipate the industrial minimalist style with the pure whites and light grays [to become] less mainstream.” Her recommendation is to “accent walls using deep shades, such as…Royal Hunter Green, combined with strategic lighting, to create a soft and rich ambiance.”

Bold Blues

Blue is having its moment. PPG named Chinese Porcelain its 2020 Color of the Year, and Pantone awarded Classic Blue the title of Color of the Year. Dee Schlotter, senior color manager for PPG, states, “the need for simplicity and escapism from technology is in part, the reason that consumers are craving blues like Chinese Porcelain that bring us closer to natural elements such as the sea and sky.”

4. Calvary

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Studio D‘s CEO, Gail Dunnett, thinks PPG’s Calvary will be trending in 2020. “This color feels classic and current at the same time. The deep navy tones give off warmth and coziness, while the boldness of the hue adds depth to the design of any space.

5. Adventure

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Kristen Chuber, a Paintzen color consultant, says, “we are all itching to spend less time in the office and more time in the outdoors.” This desire for the outdoors results in “colors inspired by nature brought indoors and put on our walls,” says Chuber. “Shades like PPG’s Adventure and other aqua paint colors remind us of the beauty we find in mountain lakes, clear streams, and open skies. I think we’ll bring that outdoor-inspiration indoors in 2020 to keep us connected to the world.”

Soft Neutrals

But with all of these bold colors, there is still space for softer neutral colors. “we want colors that make [us] feel grounded and safe,” says Brett Helsham, but “that doesn’t mean to say it has to be dull or boring!”

6. Thunder Bay

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Delacruz still sees soft jewel tones, even in his neutrals. Pairing with the darker Evening Emerald, he believes “a softer version like Thunder Bay on the remaining walls of the room” would look beautiful.

7. Sheffield Gray

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Myra Epp says, “adding warm metal tones can add an elegant and regal effect.” She believes a color like Sheffield Gray will do the trick.

8. Gray Marble 

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Epp also believes that “a more neutral shade like the warm Gray Marble can make large rooms more cozy alongside darker wood tones or rich-colored fabrics.”