Here’s How to Choose a Painter for Your Project

Deciding on how to choose a painter for your paint project can be a hassle. There are many factors to consider when vetting potential painters: your schedule, safety, and budget are just three details you’ll want to keep in mind.

To help with your selection process, we have a guide for choosing the best painter for your project.

Do Your Research

Before you start looking, know what you need. Check if your state requires a license for painting, and if you live in an apartment building, see if you need additional insurance documentation. At the very least, you’ll want to ensure your painter or painting company has:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Worker’s Comp Insurance

Without proper insurance, you could be liable for accidents or injuries that may occur on your job.

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Other things you should be looking for include: the painters’ experience and how trust-worthy they are (Paintzen requires a minimum of 5 years professional painting experience, a  background check, and proof of a strong portfolio of work).

Reference Check

Spend some time finding reviews of your potential paint contractor’s work. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List allow users to leave feedback on companies. Many businesses, Paintzen included, also use third-party platforms to obtain customer feedback from past customers, so that they are entirely non-biased.

If you can’t find these, you can also ask your painter for a few references to call and ask about the service. It’s essential you hire someone that is knowledgable about the painting industry and the best products to use, performs excellent quality work that will last, and is personable and trustworthy enough to have in your home. Don’t be nervous to ask about this, or to look for proof of it; you deserve the best in your home!

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Understand Your Quote

Budget and how much it costs to hire a painter is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to hiring. That’s why it is so crucial that you distinguish estimates from quotes. Many painters will give vague estimates that are “subject to change;” these numbers are too flexible. Ask instead for a hard quote: a priced based solely on the details of your specific project, not influenced by outside factors like the season, your timeline, or ‘the car in your driveway.’

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Also, be sure to check what the painter includes in your quote. Does the cost include the paint? Have tax and tip been added? Do you need to pay extra for prep work or clean up?

(P.S. Paintzen always provides quotes, never estimates. And we also offer a Price Match Guarantee. We will match any price you find as long as it’s an identical work order from an equally insured company. Contact us to learn more!)

Planning and Scheduling

After your budget, your timeline is likely the next crucial detail of your paint project. Unfortunately, locking down painters during your exact preferred timeframe is not always possible. Be sure to be upfront about your preferred start date and any scheduling requirements. Especially during busy seasons, like the spring and summer months, paint crews can book up early, and it can be challenging to turn around projects quickly. Ask just how on-demand painters can be. At Paintzen, we can start your job in as few as 72 hours, no matter what time of the year.

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An additional tip – talk to the contractor about how your schedule impacts the price (at Paintzen, it never does. But we can’t speak for other businesses!). Confirm that your rate will stay as-quoted even if it requires extra days on-site. Be clear about your deadline for completion. A right contractor will want to abide by your timeline requests, and won’t change your price based on your schedule.

Is There Any Guarantee on the Work?

Paint crews that are confident in their skill set and expertise should – and often do – offer money-back guarantees on their work. Here at Paintzen, we offer customers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll return for free and fix any areas of concern. Although the hope is that everything is painted to perfection the first time, we know it feels good knowing that there is built-in protection.

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If you need more information about how to ensure you’re making the right choice for your project, feel free to speak with someone on our Customer Service team. We’ll help walk you through the specific details of your quote and will happily answer any additional questions you have about Paintzen or your project in general.

Want to learn more about why Paintzen is the best option for your project? Check out the video below!

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