20 Favorite Colors of the Pacific Northwest Color Palette

Anyone who has undergone a painting project knows how difficult, tedious, frustrating, and argument-ridden choosing a paint color can be. With so many options from classic white or neutral greige to bolder shades like the sophisticated Night Watch, it can feel like a different language.

In cities like Portland or Seattle, known for their rustic modern vibes embodied throughout the Pacific Northwest, the color of your space or your house says a lot. You may walk around and see your neighbor’s homes and our friend’s houses, and think to yourself… how did they do it? how did they make it look so good?!

At Paintzen, we’ve crunched the numbers and want to give you the top 20 paint colors the lovely folks of Portland, Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest are using in their homes, to help you decide the direction you want to go.


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As one of the most traditional and functional paint colors, it is no surprise that the Pacific Northwest is digging all the different shades of white. With Portland’s natural light the undertones of these white paints will come through and pull your space together.

White paint can help you highlight architectural features and maximize or modernize different textured walls. And with these white walls, you can use it as a canvas for all of your weird art, you could even put a bird on it!


1) Delicate White

2) Commercial White

3) Gypsum

4) Willow Springs

5) China White

6) Antique White


The best of both neutral worlds: Beige and Gray.

Beige is a great universal color choice for folks who aren’t sure of what color to use in their house; It isn’t complicated and it is relatively easy to match. But with different shades and undertones, beige can prove to be difficult to accent.

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Gray is modern and sleek and is quite popular, making a great choice for Seattle residents who want to stay in-the-know on color trends. Like with beige, gray can have many different undertones. Depending on the shade, gray can have blue or green undertones, to violet and taupe.

When you join the two together, you get a great neutral color that can suit all purposes and all styles. It can work with both warm and cool color palettes.

7) Whiskers

8) Ashen

9) Stonehenge Greige

10) Stone Gray

11) Afternoon Tea

12) Coffee Bean


PPG’s 2018 Color of the Year was Black Flame. The Pacific Northwest clearly got the message. In Portland and Seattle, dark and black paints are in and are incredibly stylish and functional.

People painting their homes are often afraid to use dark or black paint on a wall. However, applying black paint is easier than you may think, and results in a dramatic and sophisticated aesthetic. Black and darker paints make us feel comforted and calm. It embodies stability, strength, and durability, and can anchor every other color in the room.

most popular colors in northwest

13) Bark

14) Licorice

15) Napolean

16) Black Magic


Green embodies sophistication and the natural world. It can work well in any space. An olive green can give off a worldly air feel when you use it in a traditional room paired with Victorian furniture.

It works with modern rooms too, serving as a backdrop for minimalistic furnishings. It even pulls together the rustic touches of a country style home.

In a place like the Pacific Northwest where there is so much green, it might be nice to include some green in your home to bring the outdoors in.

17) Metallic Mist

18) Olive Gray

19) Plunge Pool

20) Grapevine

popular colors northwest

PPG recently announced the 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch. It is a dark green paint with the aim of bringing the restorative power of nature indoors. It wonderfully combines the black and olive colors. So don’t be surprised if this color starts showing up more and more.

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