4 Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractors

Finding and hiring a house painter is a big investment. But your investment and painting project can turn sour if you don’t know how to hire the right painter. Paintzen hopes to give you valuable tips on how to hire the best professional painting contractor.


Usually, you hear about painting services from friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Local paint stores and review sites like Yelp! are also great resources. With the help of friends and reviews, you can begin your journey to finding house painters. Start by comparing their estimates and reviews.

Paintzen is an all-in-one review and referral site; we have done all of the work of reading reviews and getting to know painters. We have a national network of top-rated local house painters that are hand-selected and vetted. Within 48 hours of booking, Paintzen painters can begin painting.


Not every state requires painting contractors to operate with a license. It may seem like a money-saver by hiring an unlicensed painter to paint your home. But this could cause trouble down the line if the project doesn’t go as planned.

Paintzen house painters hold all the necessary licenses and are insured to make sure your painting project doesn’t hit any road bumps.


When painting contractors come for their walkthrough, make sure it is clear what you want to paint and what you want them to protect.

You should also consider these questions to ask your house painter:

• What type of paint will you use?
• How many coats of paint will the job require?
• Do you have any customer guarantees?
• How will you protect my space?
• Will you clean up?
• How long will it take you to complete this job?

When you get a quote with Paintzen, all of these questions are addressed. You will have a clear outline of your painting project. And it will be backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Have A Contract

Prior to the start of your project, everyone involved should have a clear understanding of the scope of the project and it should be written down.

Paintzen’s quoting process will provide you with a clear picture of what your project will look like.

When you find a house painter, you will always want to hire the best people available. The very best painters will have no problems answering your questions or drawing up a contract.

Paintzen has cultivated a national community of top-rated local painters that are available on demand.  See our services and get your free and instant online quote today.

Paintzen’s goal is to make the process of hiring a house painter easier and stress-free.