10 Living Room Ideas on a Budget

Living rooms tend to be among the largest rooms in a home, which might make them seem like overly expensive rooms to renovate. However, you don’t necessarily have to invest in a whole new furniture set or replace your flooring to give a living room an entirely new look and feel. Here are 10 living room ideas on a budget to update your space and make it welcoming and inviting.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture 

The easiest idea for a budget-friendly living room change doesn’t require you to spend a single penny. By simply moving your existing furniture around, you can maximize space and encourage social interaction in your living room space. 

2. Add Pillows and Throw Blankets

update living room gallery wall

Another easy way to update your living room is to place a few throw pillows or a throw blanket on the couches and chairs. These inexpensive items add pops of color and flair to a room and breathe new life into tired spaces.

3. Swap Our Your Lampshades 

easy update to living room

You can also add color and flair to a room by swapping out your current lampshades for new ones. Look for lampshades with colors that complement your existing décor and that serve as eye-catching focal points to make your living room more interesting. 

4. Replace Overhead Lighting Fixtures 

Lighting has a way of transforming a room in subtle ways that really change how you view it and spend time in it. In addition to lamps and lampshades, you can also upgrade the overhead lighting fixtures in the living room with a vintage chandelier from a thrift store, for example.

5. Incorporate an Accent Wall

update living room with paint

One of the most dramatic ways to completely transform a living room without spending a fortune is painting. Consider creating an accent wall with a bold color to update your living room. In addition to free color sampling, Paintzen also offers painting of crown molding, baseboards, and custom art and murals to give your living room a new look.

6. Paint Existing Furniture 

update living room gray paint

But don’t stop there because a fresh coat of paint can also really transform the existing furniture in your living room. For end tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves in the living room, browse trending colors to find one you love.

7. Create a Gallery Wall

update living room blue

We also love the idea of designating one wall in your living room as a gallery wall to display your favorite photographs and artwork. Arrange multiple frames in an attractive way to give your living room a more personal touch. 

8. Add Some Plants and Flowers 

easy interior updates

Bringing the outdoors in is another wonderful interior design concept to incorporate in the living room. Choose houseplants and flowers that do well with indoor lighting conditions and that require minimal care so they don’t feel like a burden to keep alive.

9. Buy a New Area Rug 

update living room blue paint

It’s also fun to add a new area rug to your living room for some color and softness. Area rugs instantly make a sterile living room cozier and more inviting to sit in and socialize. If your living room is mostly filled with neutral colors, choose a bright and patterned rug for a noticeable change.

10. Get Rid of Clutter

update living room chalk

Aside from your time spent, reducing clutter is completely free and an excellent way to update your living room. Everyone’s clutter looks a bit different, so this process may involve eliminating electronic cord chaos, sorting through paperwork, or clearing away children’s toys that aren’t being used. To make your living room look more open, you may even want to consider getting rid of extra tables or chairs in an effort to reduce clutter and make walkways more accessible.

We know how special it is to update your space, which is why we love painting. Painting is one of our favorite living room ideas on a budget because it makes a big impact with little effort. When you’re ready to paint, our interior paint pros can help!