The 10 Best Basement Paint Colors

If your basement, like most, is dark and low-ceilinged, it can be hard to want to spend time there. But you’d be amazed at what a fresh coat of paint will do. Here are the 10 best basement paint colors for lightening, brightening, and giving height to your underground space.

Cool White

ppg aria paint swatch - best basement colors
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Even if your basement has windows, it’s probably not as bright as the rest of the house since at least part of it is subterranean. Work with the limited light by choosing a white paint color with a blue undertone. Light-starved spaces can turn cream- or yellow-tinted whites dingy. Aria, a true, icy white with a gray-blue undertone, is a good choice.

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Soft Gray

ppg ancient cloud paint swatch - best basement paint colors
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Soft gray paint colors, like Ancient Cloud, are one of the best basement paint colors. They make the room feel airy, without making it feel sterile. Whether your room has natural sunlight or artificial light, this soft hue will reflect it, bringing cheer to your basement.

Cozy Greige

ppg cool concrete paint swatch - best paint colors for basement
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Kick back and relax in a basement den painted comforting greige. Cool Concrete makes your space feel cozy, not claustrophobic. Mix in gray, beige and charcoal furnishings and accents to keep the softness going.

Serene Blue

ppg sentimental lady paint swatch
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Bring peaceful light to your space with a celestial blue, like Sentimental Lady. Blue is known to impart feelings of serenity, security, and order – all qualities we need more of in this uncertain time.

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Peachy Pink

ppg winter peach paint swatch
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Keep the Millennial Pink trend alive with Winter Peach, pale, neutral pink with a silvery undertone. This classic ballet-slippers color will make your whole family feel happy. Pair it with light cream trim or use it as an accent wall to create contrast.

Shady Green

ppg salal leaves paint swatch
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If you have an underground bedroom, make it feel like a secret treehouse. With a color like Salal Leaves, a shaded, billiard green, your space will transform into a haven for sleeping, reading, and relaxing.

Vibrant Red

ppg apple a day paint swatch
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While you might lean away from vibrant colors, sometimes a burst of fun is just what a basement needs. Apple a Day is a dark, muted red with a ruby undertone. This juicy color will liven a humdrum room, whether you use it on all the walls or as an accent.

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Neutral Mauve

ppg jam session paint swatch
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Purple gets painted as a kids’ room color, usually. But try a hue like Jam Session and you might find yourself reconsidering your idea of the best basement paint colors. This fresh neutral pairs beautifully with dark wood floors and gray stone. Pull in creamy furniture to keep things light.

Optimistic Orange

ppg candy corn paint swatch
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One of the tricks to making a basement look like a real room and not a forgotten space is bringing in bright color – just like you would do anywhere else in the house. Try a red-orange hue, like Candy Corn in your darkest corner to liven things up. Accessories of the same shade will pull it all together.


ppg summer shadow paint swatch
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Don’t shun dark colors just because the room is dark. Instead, enhance the look with a deep, cool gray like Summer Shadow. Put it on a low ceiling (especially one with beams) and create a space with a pub-like embrace. Add walls and furniture in off white, and you may never want to leave.

Are You Still Wondering About the Best Basement Paint Colors?

Do you still have questions about the best basement paint colors? Reach out. Our color consultations and paint color sampling team are here to help.

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