How Many Coats of Paint on Concrete Floors Do I Need?

Painting a concrete floor is a seemingly straightforward job, however, it takes a lot of work and time to do it properly. If you plan to tackle this alone, be prepared for a multi-day painstaking task.

Prepping the Surface

To properly paint your concrete floors, it must be prepared, in order to achieve a good finish.

Prepping a concrete floor incorporates three different stages: washing, applying sealant, and priming.

Washing Concrete

As with most painting projects, it starts by clearing and protecting the space. This includes cleaning the floor of small debris. Then you would simply wash the floor with water to make it clear of dust and dirt.

Next, is etching the concreting. This is essentially the equivalent to scrubbing the floor with a stiff brush and some chemicals to remove any imperfections.

Rinse the floor with and remove any excess water. You then want to let the floor completely dry overnight.

Applying Sealant

Before painting the concrete floor, you need to prepare the floor by applying about two coats of concrete sealant. This preparatory step ensures that the paint on your concrete floor will last.

A concrete sealant is essential for indoor concrete, as it prevents moisture trapped in the concrete from rising up and causing the paint to bubble. Too much moisture seeping up through a concrete floor can also lead to mold growth, so it’s vitally important not to skip this step. Apply as many coats of sealant as the manufacturer recommends; many brands recommend two coats for full protection against moisture. You may need to wait several days for the first coat of sealant to cure before applying the second coat.


Once the second coat of sealant has cured, it’s time to prime the concrete. Use a high-quality concrete primer to even out the surface and prepare it for painting. Primer typically dries in two to eight hours. Usually, one coat of primer is enough to prepare it for painting, but if you are painting over another color, two coats will provide a better finish for your concrete floor.


When it’s finally time to paint the concrete floors, several thin coats of paint typically results in a better finish than a single thick coat.

You should expect to use about two to three coats of paint to complete your job. You’ll need to let your paint dry for a day between coats.

It’s best to use masonry paint that is designed for concrete. It will adhere better than standard house paint. If you want to bring some color to an internal concrete floor, you also have the option of using a water-based stain, concrete dye or even a tinted sealer.

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