What to Look For When Hiring a Painter

Anyone who’s painted knows: It’s messy, time-consuming work. And though slapping paint on a wall is easy, painting the right way – prepping properly, priming, professional painting techniques, and cleanup – takes skill.

Professional painting services not only take this big job off your hands, but they also offer some bonuses that you can’t get when you do it yourself.

So we’ve laid out what you should look for when hiring a painter.


Before starting any paint job, professional paint contractors focus on proper surface preparation. They’ll get your house ready for painting by covering and taping the area around the paint zone to protect it while they’re painting.

Whether it is an exterior paint job or an interior paint project, they may window treatments and light fixtures inside; window screens outside. They’ll scrape off old paint, do minor wall repairs, and apply a primer to the walls before they paint. They’ll also use a top-quality, long-lasting house paint, which will keep your home looking beautiful for years.


Removing drop cloths, putting furniture back and cleaning up paint supplies – these are all part of the professional’s cleanup process. You won’t have to worry about washing paint rollers, hauling furniture or hanging drapes. All you’ll have to worry about is enjoying your new paint job.


Since most people don’t paint often, owning paint supplies isn’t a good investment of money or space. So, things like sprayers, which can make a job easier and faster, probably aren’t on your wish list.

Painters, however, do this every day. So they have the equipment you don’t, and the training to use it. That includes things like sprayers, tarps, the right brushes and rollers, ladders and scaffolding (and, for really tall houses, access to cherry pickers).


When hiring a contractor, make sure they’re licensed or insured. Then, if there is accidental damage to your house while they’re working, it’s covered by their insurance. Also, if a painter is injured on the job, their insurance should cover it. If the contractor isn’t insured, this could leave you open to a lawsuit, so ask about insurance before you hire.

Color Expertise

Professional painters are paid to know the different kinds of paint and the various shades it comes in. If you’re considering changing paint colors, a pro painter can suggest a new palette. Plus, they know how to estimate how much paint is needed, so they don’t run out or have a glut of paint leftover at the end of the project.


As with any expert, the painter’s goal is to produce high-quality work that results in satisfied customers. When they’re done, your walls will be smooth, evenly coated, and beautiful to live with.

What’s the biggest benefit of hiring professional painters, though? The time you get back to spend doing something else, like playing with your kids, hanging with your friends, or catching up on Netflix.

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