The Benefits of Deck Paint and How to Increase the Longevity of Your Deck

Having a deck as part of your home is a wonderful way to spend more time outdoors, entertain guests, enjoy your property, and increase your home’s resale value. But unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to pay the same close attention to their decks as they do the interior features within the house.

Since making your deck last longer and look great is often as simple as applying high-quality deck paint, this article will explore what painting a deck entails and why it’s so important to take care of your deck.

How Deck Paint Differs from Other Paint

Compared to paint that you would choose for other areas of your home, deck paint must be weather-resistant exterior paint that can withstand the elements of nature. For a deck, you need rain-resistant deck paint that is water-based so that moisture does not get trapped beneath the paint and crack or peel over time. Latex paint with an acrylic binder works well for heavy rains and takes considerably less time to dry than oil-based paint.

Stains work well on decks, such as PPG’s ProLuxe in a transparent, semitransparent, or solid finish. Stains are typically less slippery for deck surfaces and highlight the natural wood grain, but they need to be applied more regularly than paint. Meanwhile, the paint lasts longer, can hide noticeable flaws in your deck, and give you more color options than staining.

What to Look for in a Quality Deck Paint

A deck is a significant investment, so it’s important to take good care of your deck to prevent water damage, sun damage, and splintering. The high-quality deck paint that our Paintzen painters use can do all of these things to help you protect your investment and use it for many enjoyable years.

We often recommend deck paint with a natural finish and an acrylic-base because it requires less maintenance than oil-based paint and has a UV-resistant film. Also, acrylic paints are resistant to mildew, while acrylic latex resin paints expand and contract with the varying temperatures.

How to Prep a Deck for Painting

To prep a deck for painting, you’ll first need the right tools for sanding the deck and filling in any imperfections. First, sweep away any debris and then use an electric sander to strip away any old paint or stain to create a new surface to work with.

Then, you can apply exterior-grade putty to fill in cracks and holes. Sand these repaired areas again once they are dry. So that you sawdust doesn’t mix with your paint finish, make sure to wipe off each individual plank with a tacky cloth get clear away any dust before pulling out your paintbrush. If any nails are sticking up from the wood, grab a hammer and get them flush with the boards so that they don’t serve as obstacles for your paintbrush. A primer is especially useful for hard-to-reach areas of the deck as part of your prep work, such as between the boards.

Professional Help with Painting a Deck

At Paintzen, we encourage you to never ignore your deck, but rather protect it as you would anything else inside your home. To give your deck a professional look and have the job done quickly and 100 percent right the first time, consider working with us for your deck painting project. We can get you a quote today for professional deck painting and then send one of our local paint contractors with expert experience and the proper licensing and insurance to your home.

Paintzen works in local communities all across the country and provides free color sampling advice too. To give your deck the attention and care it needs and deserves, contact us at 866-343-9981 to start your project!