COVID-19 Safety Protocol FAQs

On Safety

How is Paintzen / PPG Services addressing safety during my project?

We have implemented a COVID-19 Screening Protocol that painters on our projects must agree to and work in accordance with during all Paintzen / PPG Services projects in the current environment. We continue to follow guidance from the WHO, CDC, and OSHA in terms of recommended best practices for our painters in order to keep our customers safe.

What is the safety protocol you’ll be following?

Our team has added a COVID-19 screening protocol to our standard practices over the coming months to mitigate any risk for our painters, clients, and neighbors:

  1. Upon booking a project, PPG Services/Paintzen will require customers to alert us if anyone at the location is sick, showing symptoms, or has either tested positive, is being tested, is “result pending” or on quarantine.
  2. When assigning crew to a job, PPG Services/Paintzen will validate that no one on the assigned crew is sick, showing symptoms, or has either tested positive, is being tested, is “result pending” or on quarantine.
  3. Upon arrival at the job site, PPG Services/Paintzen will require our crew to verify that no on-site is sick, showing symptoms, or has either tested positive, is being tested, is “result pending” or on quarantine.
  4. PPG Services/Paintzen crews will be required to follow industry practices to ensure proper measures are being taken to keep worksites clean and safe.
  5. PPG Services/Paintzen will validate that all crews assigned to projects understand and follow social distancing. Our teams will also adhere to any health and safety requirements at clients’ locations before, during and after projects.

How will you ensure that painting crews understand the protocol?

We have updated our work orders to include our COVID-19 safety screening protocol and best practices. In order to accept a job, our paint crews must sign off on and accept the policies on the work order.

How will you ensure that painting crews on site are following guidelines?

The safety of our customers and our painters has always been our most important value. For this reason, we already required our paint crews to do a morning check-in with a PPG Services/Paintzen project coordinator upon arrival to the job site. In the current environment, we are requiring that during this call, paint crews confirm that the site is safe, that no one is showing symptoms or sick, and that they understand and will follow social distancing over the course of the day.

Will Paintzen / PPG Services be following CDC guidelines?

We will continue to follow the guidance from the public health experts at WHO, CDC and OSHA (in the US) on the best ways to protect our workers from COVID-19.

Will painters be required to wear masks or gloves?

PPG Services/Paintzen will use PPE when necessary to comply with occupational health regulations, governmental directives and PPG guidelines. All PPE usage for prevention of COVID-19 must be reviewed and approved by EHS to ensure it is used in a manner consistent with our workplace health and safety requirements.

In occupied spaces, we will require painters to wear face coverings as recommended by CDC guidance that cover the mouth and nose. We are requiring painters to continue practicing social distancing, even with a mouth and nose covering.

  • In situations where we are sending a single painter on-site to an unoccupied space, we will NOT require a face covering.
  • In un-occupied spaces, we recommend that our painters continue to follow CDC guidance on face coverings to minimize the risk of infecting other painters on-site or infecting surfaces.

What happens if a painter shows up and I don’t feel comfortable? (i.e. painter is coughing or appears ill)

If for any reason you do not feel comfortable, we are more than happy to reschedule your project for no fee. Contact your Project Coordinator before the job begins and we can reschedule you with a different crew for as early as the following day.

What happens if a painter arrives and does not feel comfortable? (i.e. someone on-site appears ill)

If a painter does not feel comfortable, we reserve the right to postpone your project. We understand this is extremely inconvenient, but it is our top priority to protect the health and safety of both our customers and our painters. If you have documented proof that you have recently been tested and have had negative results, we may still postpone your project so that we can assign a new painter, but we will take 5% off your project for the inconvenience.

On Product Delivery

What are the safety procedures taken in PPG stores?

PPG has taken significant steps to ensure a sanitized and safe experience within its paint stores. Some of their procedures include:

  • Staying home when sick
  • Public areas (countertops, doorknobs, coffee areas, etc.) are cleaned regularly throughout the day
  • Sanitizer available at the store entrance, and everyone who enters asked to use it
  • Curbside pickup limits face-to-face contact between individuals on a daily basis, therefore minimizing the risk of exposure
  • Safe social distancing practices

Will there be any impact on paint delivery and pick-up?

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there may be delays in order delivery or pickup. Many stores are operating with reduced staff and are practicing social distancing, which may in turn delay the tinting, mixing, and delivery of product. Because of this, we may ask that you confirm your paint selection 72 hours before a Paintzen project so that we allow the stores for more time to process your selection.