Jewel Tone Paint Colors Reign Supreme

Though beige, greige, and gray often take center stage, jewel tone paint colors are reasserting themselves into the public eye! If you’re looking to bring this trend home, consider one of these gorgeous paint colors.

Forest Green

jewel tone green paint color
Shop PPG Pine Forest for a Similar Paint Color

We love this rich green paint color as much as we love the emerald green jewel it draws inspiration from. A pine green paint color plays particularly well with black and gray accent colors, with pops of bright yellows.

Wild Plum

plum jewel tone paint color in bedroom
Shop PPG Chilled Wine for a Similar Paint Color

A plum-infused purple creates a one-of-a-kind color that is utterly fearless and beautiful. Here, this plum purple creates an inviting bedroom space accented by glossy gold accents.

Amber Orange

clay jewel tone paint color on house exterior
Shop PPG Sesame Crunch for a Similar Paint Color

If you’re looking for an orange that leans toward red, try an amber orange color that has some depth to it. This rich tone lets you bring home the warmth of the Southwest.

Million Dollar Red

spiced red paint color in living room
Shop PPG Candy Apple for a Similar Paint Color

This deep red is one of those red paints that looks like it belongs in a 1920s Paris smoking lounge. Bring on the gin and Gauloises and you have a night you’ll never forget. Use ruby red in your living room to create a truly regal space.

Golden Yellow

golden yellow paint color in living room
Shop PPG Firelight for a Similar Paint Color

A few years ago, Monticello repainted their dining room chrome yellow, to better match the color that was likely used when the house was built. You can get this same bright, neoclassical color with a color like PPG’s Firelight.

Put the jewel in the crown of any room by choosing one of these rich, saturated colors. If you’re not sure, order some free 8″ x 8″ swatches to see if a jewel paint color would look good in your space.

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