4 Factors in Hiring House Painters

Painting your house is an impactful and easy way to improve your home. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look new! Having your home professionally painted is a sure way to get your project completed quickly and with high quality.

When hiring a professional painter, you need to keep in mind the factors that influence the cost of your painting project.

1) Size and the nature of the project

The size of your home and the scope of your painting project is obviously a key factor in the price of your painting project. The size of the project can include square footage, the number of rooms, and any specialty items like cabinets or stairwells.

The conditions of the walls are also accounted for. If your walls need extensive repair, that can cost extra.

Paintzen’s quote process accounts for all of these questions and your final quote will be reflective of the size of your project with no hidden fees.

2) Product

Bad paint can make even the best of paint jobs look terrible. You don’t want to sacrifice quality paint for the sake of budget.  It is important to have quality paint when painting your home, or else you will find yourself continually painting.


Paintzen supplies over 2,000 PPG Paints. PPG’s paint comes in thousands of different colors and multiple different finishes. Featured above is Night Watch, PPG’s 2019 Color of the Year. When you book with us, you get to choose the PPG paint of your choice and our painters will bring it right to your door.

3) Preparation

Preparation is another dominant factor determining how much will it cost to paint your house. Before painting, the surface has to be prepared since it impacts how the paint adheres to the wall.


Paintzen factors this general preparation into your quote, so it isn’t an added fee.

4) Interior or Exterior

Cost varies between exterior and interior painting. The cost of painting an interior is often less expensive when compared to painting an exterior. Exterior surfaces are prone to harsh weather conditions and will require more care. Additionally, it is often the case that you will need to use a higher-grade paint with the exteriors compared to the interiors


Of course, there are a number of factors explaining your painting quote. When you book with Paintzen your quote is completely transparent with no hidden fees. You will know exactly what you are paying for before the painting even begins.

If you are considering painting your house, browse Paintzen’s painting services and get your free and instant online quote and professional house painters can be ready to start painting in as few as 72 hours.