Use This Pretty Green Paint For Your Bedroom & Much More

Are you looking for a pretty green paint to instantly soothe your plugged-in-24/7 mind? Use the jewel-toned Slate Green in a bedroom or a bathroom to find your Zen. Or relax with it in the kitchen while you cook and gather with friends and family. It is a favorite green paint color among interior designers for good reason.

domio chicago green
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The darker green color turns this small space into an elegant place to grab a drink. The green walls make the gold and purple accents pop for a truly royal ambiance.

light green dining room
Shop PPG Icicle

How charming is this small dining area, painted white and a few shades of green down from Slate Green? The wood table and greenery blend beautifully with the paint color. Silver accents and natural wicker wood tones, provide a cheap-yet-stylish setting.

green accent wall master bathroom
Shop PPG Silver Leaf

In this master bathroom, PPG’s Silver Leaf, one shade lighter than Slate Green, blends with contemporary design. This color combination shows how beautifully the blue-green plays off wood tones and modern fixtures.

kitchen cabinets painting 2
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A slightly more sage-green version of the color adorns the cabinets in this farmhouse kitchen.

olive green paint bedroom purple bed
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If you’re searching for your own version of this pretty green paint color, try our samples portal. There, you can search for PPG paint colors until you find the one that’s your perfect match and order free samples of it.

When you find the green that soothes your senses, contact Paintzen’s residential professional interior painting service to transform a space in your home into the oasis you’ve been dreaming of.