Need a Kitchen Cabinet Renovation? We’ve Got You Covered

kitchen with beautiful cabinets

Are you in the mood for a kitchen cabinet renovation? Whether that involves a cabinet refacing, updating your kitchen cabinet paint colors or doing an entire kitchen cabinet update, we can help.

Kitchens Need Love, Especially Now

Thanks to the pandemic, people are cooking at home more. According to Statista, a whopping 44 percent more families are preparing meals in their own kitchens than before quarantine began.

Cooking at home can keep us safer and reduce food costs. But it also means wear and tear on our kitchen, especially our cabinets. Spending more time at home can also leave us craving a change in scenery; staring at the same kitchen may start to feel boring.

But supply chain issues can make ordering new cabinets difficult. And once the cabinets are here, finding crews to install them can be tough, too. Why not focus, instead, on some simple updates?

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Ideas

You don’t have to completely replace your cabinets to get a new look. Here are some more affordable options for kitchen cabinet renovations.

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing costs 40-50 percent less than replacement. Refacing is best done when your cabinet boxes are in good shape, but you want to save some cash or replacing them isn’t an option. When you reface your cabinets, you leave the existing boxes where they are, and install new drawer fronts and cabinet doors, plus new veneer of the existing cabinet boxes. You usually get new hardware, too.

New Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Painting your kitchen cabinets is another affordable option and it’s one you can do yourself. While it means your kitchen will be out of commission for several days, repainting will give your space a refresher at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen cabinet renovation.

Popular Colors for 2022

While we’re talking updates, let’s talk colors. White is still the most popular color for cabinets. That’s because it’s timeless and easily updated with countertops and hardware. But darker, warmer colors are on point for the coming year, too.

We’re moving away from the cool gray hues of the last decade. So, think green – hugely popular this year – mauve or navy blue for your cabinets. Or, if a bold color is too much of a commitment, try painting the island or your upper or lower cabinets a popular hue.

Changing hardware is also an instant refresher. This year, hope the trend train with a tone-on-tone look by matching your hardware to your cabinets. For example, pair black cabinets with iron-hued metal pulls or green cabinets with vintage celadon ceramic knobs.

Speaking of vintage, with supply chain issues causing slowdowns, we’re turning to vintage and antique stores for furnishings. So, consider replacing a bank of cabinets with an antique armoire. You’ll get a look that’s custom and on the cusp of kitchen style.

To DIY or Not to DIY?

Now, the question is, do you do your kitchen cabinet renovation yourself or do you hire someone to do it? We can help you decide through our free cost estimates. You can also work with our color consultants to find a kitchen color scheme that will pull your whole house together. And if you decide to hire it yourself instead of doing it yourself, we’ll send a local crew of professional interior painters to you to help repaint your kitchen cabinets or walls, so you get a kitchen you’ll love being in — especially since you’re seeing more of it than ever before.