Has Wallpaper Gone Out of Style? Here Are Some Home Wallpaper Updates for Modern Times.

The home design concept of wallpaper dates back to the 1700s and has taken on many different looks over the years. Wallpaper was once a well-accepted standard in nearly every home. But many modern homeowners have lost interest in wallpaper and wonder if it’s gone out of style.

Modern wallpaper continues to be an ideal way to decorate a home beautifully.

Types of Home Wallpaper

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What’s always been so exciting about wallpaper is how unique and individualized it is. For example, wallpaper can be stripes, polka-dotted, tropical, geometric, floral, traditional, or modern. Pastel colors and imagery is excellent for newborns. Kids can have fun with their favorite cartoon characters. Or you can create an exciting theme that makes a room a real joy.

Why People Still Love Wallpaper for Walls

Although home wallpaper has gotten somewhat of a reputation of being old fashioned, many people still love wallpaper for walls and incorporate it sparingly throughout their homes. Wallpaper adds a level of uniqueness and creativity to a room. It can last longer and be more resilient to chips than certain types of paint.

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Wallpaper can be part of a DIY room renovation project and be something you work on personally if you have experience working with this material. However, wallpaper is very tricky to work with if you’re not familiar with the process. Hiring a professional is often the safest choice. Another benefit of wallpaper is that it is usually easy to clean after spills or just for occasional dirt and dust.

The Creative Wallpaper Accent Wall

A creative and modern twist is to designate a wallpaper accent wall that complements the other walls. A wallpaper accent wall creates a dramatic look that stands out and makes a space look more like your own.

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Consider adding the wallpaper accent wall around a fireplace in a sitting area, behind a bed in a bedroom, or behind a bookshelf in a living room. The accent wall will often be the focal point in the room, so keep other decorations and furniture minimal and straightforward in front of it.

Wallpaper Cost Considerations

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Wallpaper is sometimes a more budget-friendly choice for walls in the long-run, especially when you consider the money saved from materials and labor. High-quality wallpaper will typically last for around 20 years, which is excellent news for homeowners on a budget. Basic wallpaper often costs between $25 and $50 per roll, with designer options up to $200 or more per roll. If you’re wallpapering a 16-foot by 20-foot room, for example, you’ll need about 16 to 20 rolls of wallpaper, which should come out to around $400 to $1,000 if you choose a basic style.

Blending the Best of Wallpaper and Paint

Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds with wallpaper and paint in the very same room! We love the idea of incorporating a wallpaper accent wall into a room with a fresh coat of paint. This gives a personalized look that isn’t too flashy or overwhelming. This is an especially fun idea to incorporate into bedrooms. Another wallpaper idea is to paint just the ceiling and use wallpaper on all of the walls. Just as long as one color or design doesn’t overpower the other.

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For paint color consultation and sampling to go with your wallpaper, contact us to create a unique and beautiful room you’ll love spending time in. At Paintzen, we aren’t just painting experts…we are wallpaper experts too! Our wallpaper professionals will prepare walls for installing wallpaper, apply it evenly, and remove previous coverings without damaging the walls beneath. We can’t wait to help you find your inspiration and embrace the modern spirit of home wallpaper in one or more rooms of your home.