Closet Paint Ideas For Spaces That Work as Good as They Look

Are you looking for closet paint ideas? Here are 10 storage spaces, from small to expansive to inspire you.

Painting experts recommend repainting closets, which are considered low-traffic areas, every five to seven years. (High-traffic areas should get a new coat of paint every two to three years.) So, if it’s time to repaint and you’re closet paint ideas, look no further.

White is the traditional closet paint color because it’s neutral and reflects light – important in what started as a small, dark space. But with closets increasing in size from the old rod-and-shelf version to grand walk-ins, closet paint ideas are becoming something homeowners might find themselves mulling over.

Beautifully Neutral

Closet organizers come in a variety of neutrals, including wood tones. Painting the wall the same overall shade as your display, like this warm latte, will allow the display to blend into the wall. This highlights your wardrobe and gives your closet a spa-like feel.

Crisp and Clean

Traditional white also makes a good background for a wood-toned closet organizer. It’s crisp, clean and spotlights the closet’s handsome features.

Masculine Style

Make your closet look like an expensive retail establishment with a coat of chocolate-colored paint. Choose a closet organizer to match and you have masculine storage style at its best.

Cozy Cream

If white feels too stark, but you like a clean look, try cream instead. This works especially well with light wood tones or off-white shelving. It’s as expansive as white but also warm, which makes getting dressed less of a chore.

Sleek Silver

Silver is a good choice for a his-and-hers closet. And it’s especially pretty for a woman’s space, imparting a sense of timeless femininity. This hue will work with almost any color shelving, but we like the matched look in this storage space.

Luxurious Taupe

If you have a grand closet, give it an elegant spin with a rich taupe. Create a tone-on-tone effect with taupe curtains and coordinated storage boxes. Then add a chandelier for the ultimate in luxury. If this color vibes with you, check out one of the 2021 Colors of the Year, Transcend.

Fresh and Feminine

Light gray walls, gray cabinetry and blue-gray baskets add a note of femininity to this storage space. The white accents on the cabinet drawers create a young, fresh vibe.

Bright White

The starkest white can almost appear colorless when it reflects the light. High-gloss furnishings and mirrored doors max it out. This makes the chair’s cushion and the colorful shoes really pop.

Closet Paint Ideas: What About the Doors?

What do you do with the doors? Closet door paint color ideas are pretty simple – most people match them to the trim or the rest of the home’s doors. In this way, they fade into the background.

If you have a built-in unit, match the doors to the unit. The warm gray closet, the white walls and the black trim make a striking effect.

Looking for more closet paint ideas? We can help. Ask about our interior painting services or get a color consult. We’ll send you free 8” x 8” paint swatches so you can see how a new color can give your closet new life.