Cleaning Up Messy Paint Myths

When it comes to the painting industry, many paint myths and misconceptions often hold individuals back from beginning a home renovation. Various factors, from the paint products to the application techniques to the contractors themselves, come under scrutiny. Stories of disaster paint jobs or unreliable contractors circulate quickly within communities, deterring people from starting their own projects.

Today, we want to debunk some of the paint misconceptions that we hear from customers on an almost daily basis.

professional painter for hire

“There is no logic behind pricing paint jobs. Contractors make it up as they go.”

Sadly, some of you may have experienced this if you were unfortunate enough to be working with an unreliable contractor. However, there are very clearly defined industry production rates that help contractors determine how long it should take to paint spaces depending on the square footage. Many professional companies like ours stay true to these standards and production rates so that you get a high-quality job for the right price.

“I need exactly two coats for my paint job to look good.”

Not necessarily. While that used to be accurate, paint manufacturers now make much better quality products. Some are designed to offer full coverage with a single application. Unless walls are dark or in poor condition, you may not need a second coat.

“It’s always cheaper to do it yourself.“

While at first glance, the monetary benefits of doing a paint project yourself are apparent, sometimes hiring a professional can save you in the long run. For example, hiring someone who knows the value of products will protect you from overspending on supplies and materials. Additionally, contractors often offer a guarantee promising to fix anything you dislike. On a DIY, you risk over-purchasing, choosing incorrect products, or having to re-do a sloppy job – which will cost you more money (and time).

“Always go with the lowest bid.”

Lowest bid? No. Lowest risk? Yes. Some contractors are notorious for spitting out low bids to win the job, and then upcharging customers later on. If you are on a tight budget, rather than looking for an extremely low bid, ask instead for a hard quote with all aspects of your work order itemized, so you know what you’ll be paying.

“I need to get a hotel room or sleep elsewhere during my project.“

While some people prefer to be out of the way when a paint job is happening, the myth that paint fumes will be dangerous to you and your family can be fanned away as quickly as the odor of the paint. Almost all products available for sale today are low in VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, meaning besides the slight smell of paint, there is no real negative impact of being around it.

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