Brighten Up Your Mood — and Your House — With 11 Ideas for Spring Decor

Hello spring sign with purple flowers on the mantel

Are you tired of slogging through winter’s short, dark days? Take heart! Spring is just around the corner. The good news is, you don’t have to wait for spring to arrive before you start decorating for it. Spring decor is a great way to get a head start on the season and blast those winter blahs once and for all.

Spring Decor Magic: A Vase of Flowers

Yellow narcissus on white table in room interior

Looking for spring decor ideas? It doesn’t have to be hard. Sometimes all it takes to bring the warm feeling of the season  home is a vase of flowers. Daffodils, which are some of the season’s prettiest harbingers, make a great choice.

Replace Your Towels

Stack of fresh towels on table in bathroom.

Another quick, easy and budget-friendly way to dress your house for spring? Change your towels. Go for fun pastels like pink, mauve and lavender and you’ll feel like your whole home has gotten a breath of fresh air.

Vacuum the Furniture

Close up of A woman housewife vacuuming furniture in a house with a hand-held portable vacuum cleaner

Our couches take a beating during the winter. All those hours spent binging Reacher or Peaky Blinders. All those bowls of popcorn. All those Sunday afternoon naps with football in playing in the background. So, vacuum the sofa and change out the pet blankets. While this isn’t technically a spring decor tip, it sure does make your home smell and feel fresher.

Give the Couch Some Spring-Decor Love

Gray and pink home decor for Spring in the living room

While we’re talking couches, now’s the time to spruce up yours with pretty pillows and a matching throw, and wave goodbye to winter (no matter what the calendar says).

Try Spring Front Door Decor

A springtime wreath made with twigs and forsythia spring flowers.

This is spring decor at its easiest. Hang a wreath and you’ll instantly boost your curb appeal. We love this forsythia wreath — like daffodils, forsythia is one of the first signs of spring. Oh, joy, when you see those first blooms (even when they’re on a wreath)!

Don’t Forget the Porch

Entrance porch decorated with antique bench, big flower pot

Brighten up your porch or deck furniture with fresh pillows in happy colors.

Break Out the Flower Pots

Blue pansy flowers in ceramic flowerpot

Speaking of outdoor spring decor, find some painted pots in cheerful colors, and plant them with pansies, which are great transitional plants that withstand spring’s fluctuating temperatures.

Clean the Windows

Modern living room with Spring decor

Like cleaning the couch, this isn’t so much spring decor. But it does lift your spirits! After a season of harsh weather, your windows need some TLC as much as you need an influx of sunlight. So, break out the vinegar and clean the windows — then open the curtains and let the sun shine in.

Hang Decorative Lanterns

Patio outdoor spring garden in backyard of home with lantern lamps lights hanging from pergola canopy wooden gazebo and plants white flowers

It may still be too chilly for porch-sitting weather, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. Look forward to warmer weather and longer days by hanging decorative lanterns on your porch or deck. That extra bit of light may be all you need to get through winter’s last gasp.

Change the Welcome Mat

Hello Welcome Mat and Boots

Welcome mats take a beating in the winter. Snow, freezing temperatures and all that boot-wiping leave them as tired and gray as a short winter day. So, find one that brings you joy and splurge on it. Then give yourself a happiness boost every time you cross your threshold.

Spring Decor Ideas: Paint the Front Door

Red front door of modern home with green wreath

We’ve talked about decorating on and around your front door. But what about the door, itself? If it’s been awhile since it saw a paintbrush, now’s a great time to give it a fresh coat of paint. Nothing says spring decor more than a bright, welcoming color.

Spring, with its longer days and warmer temperatures, is a great time to take on a painting project. Whether you’re staining or painting your deck, repainting your living room, or painting your whole exterior, Paintzen can help.