Thinking About Wallpaper Installation? Hire a Pro for Your Next Project

Home dining room

Wallpaper installation: What a nightmare, right? Who even wants to deal with that? First, there’s wallpaper removal. Then there’s the mess, the cleanup and trying to get the paper to hang straight in what’s sure to be an off-plumb room. And what happens when you have to paper around that pedestal sink? The good news is, finding a Paintzen pro to hang your wallpaper is as easy as filling out a form for a free estimate.

But if you’re still on the fence about doing it yourself or hiring it out, here are some ways hiring a wallpaper-installation pro can save you time and money.

The Art of Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper installation is more art than science. It’s a process that requires attention to detail and a lot of experience to get right. If that’s not your jam and you try it, you may find yourself in a jam of your own.

Wallpaper contractors do a lot of prep to get the room ready before they unspool the first paper roll. For instance, they remove outlet covers and light switches. They measure the space to make sure they’ve got the right amount of paper – not too much but not too little, either. (Measuring can be hard to get right if you’re a newbie at this.)

If you have areas that are difficult to paper around, like doors, windows, pedestal sinks or toilets, professionals won’t flinch. They’re used to tasks like that and they know how to streamline to get the best results.

Professional wallpaper installers also do the work for you, leaving you free to do the stuff you actually enjoy.

The Expensive Cost of Going Cheap

Up front, it seems like doing your own wallpaper installation will save you money. You’re saving on labor, right? But ….

  • You’ll have to buy the tools, like a ladder, paste, a roller, a smoothing brush, a level and more. When you’re hiring someone for wallpaper installation, you’re not just getting their skills – you’re also saving yourself money (and storage space) on tools you might only use once.
  • You’re a newbie and they’re not. One of the best things about hiring a pro for wallpaper installation is that you get their years of experience. This means they’ll be able to handle any issue that comes up – and they can also recommend the right types of paper for your job, ensuring you get the best results. It also means you won’t accidentally damage your home or the wallpaper, and then have to call a pro to fix it, anyway.
  • You may not really have the time. Wallpaper installation takes a lot of time and attention to detail, which leaves you with no time for everything else in your life. If you hire a pro, all you have to do is sit back and watch as the room transforms from ho-hum to amazing.

Installing wallpaper in your home can give you exciting options for patterns, textures and style. Showcase your personality with some wallpaper – with a little help from the pros at Paintzen. Give your décor a boost with wallpaper installation today.