These 6 Ideas Will Make Painting Your Mobile Home Walls So Easy

Everyone who’s a #vanlifer knows that #homeiswhereyouparkit. But before you can park it, you have to build it. And one of the most important design aspects of your space – whether it’s a van, skoolie or a DIY teardrop camper – is the wall color. So, before painting your mobile home walls, let’s talk colors.

Since these vehicles are tiny houses on wheels, it might help to think about your walls from that perspective. Lighter paint colors make small spaces feel bigger. So, whether you’re staining shiplap or tongue-and-groove planks, painting plywood or choosing from pre-colored panels, lean toward the light-to-mid-toned end of the palette.

Painting Your Mobile Home Walls? First Decide: What’s Your Vibe?

Then the question becomes … what’s your vibe? Are you totally into boho? In love with cabins? A water baby? Let your personal style dictate your color scheme.

Go Boho

Light gray walls with white cabinets and trim? Yes, please. We love this romantic take on the camper van, with its blend of paint colors and wood accents. Painting your mobile home walls a pale gray keeps everything light and airy, while the white and wood tones balance it out.

Embrace White

White is the word of the day in this nomad’s home. White ceilings, walls, cabinets, trim and even the bedding – all work together to create a room that looks like the inside of a dream. If you’re painting a camper interior, consider white for a feeling of luxurious minimalism.

Add a Wood Wall

Step back from that beautiful bed, and you can see that this camper’s minimalist design picks up the little bit of wood trim in the bedroom and expands it into an accent wall and wood cabinet. The warm, light wood tones keep the airy feeling and give the space contrast and depth.

Blend Tones of Timber

You don’t have to stick to one wood tone when painting your mobile home walls. Try a mix, using a lighter hue on the ceiling walls and floor and setting it off with darker trim on cabinets and countertops. This tiny kitchen is so serene we may never leave.

Stain the Ceiling Darker

Stain the wood of your walls and ceiling a warm hue and you’ll feel like you’re in a treehouse on wheels. A slightly darker wood stain on the ceiling can make the space feel cozy and safe, like having your own hideaway no matter where you roam.

Stick With a Single Hue

Create the feel of a modern cabin with light wood walls and ceiling, all in one hue. This minimalist approach lightens the visual load and lets you focus on what’s most important – the view.

Find the perfect color for your next paint job. Whether you’re painting your mobile home walls or doing a whole house, our color consultants can help. Start by browsing trending colors (Thin Ice would be a great choice for your next #vanlife project) and ordering free 8” x 8” paint swatches today.