Painting Your Brick Fireplace – How to Choose Paint

Painting your fireplace is an inexpensive way to give your home a fresh look. “One of my favorite ways to refresh a brick fireplace is to paint it,” says NYC-based designer,  Jill Romine.

You simply can’t slap any coat  of paint on your fireplace, however. “The best types of paints are indoor latex or masonry type  paints. And remember to choose heat restraint paint if you'll be using the fireplace,” says Alicia Hassen from Brooklinteriors.

When you’ve chosen your type of paint, you need to choose your sheen. Eggshell is warmer and is better at hiding imperfections on a textured surface. Semi-gloss reflects light and can be distracting, but is easier to clean.

Depending on the style of your room, there are many different paint color options. Hassen says “a whitewashing look is great for interiors with an eclectic or vintage look,” while Romine suggests darker colors that “make quite an eye-catching statement.”