The Hottest Paint Colors Straight From Pinterest

As we ease into the new year, new colors — or variations of colors past — are making their way into the cultural palette. What does trend-tracker Pinterest say are the top colors of the moment?

Victorian Pewter

comfortable contemporary living room

Gray has been the color to beat for quite some time. But as we continue to move into the dark days of winter, gray is following suit and going from lighter to deeper. In this kitchen, a gray like Victorian Pewter looks simultaneously rich and crisp, adding character to this home’s traditional lines.


slate blue dining room

This bathroom uses a paint color like PPG’s Solstice. It captures the essence of sea glass, a color trend that’s hot not only for its coastal leanings but for its spa-like feel.

These are two of the hottest paint colors for the New Year. We’ll keep watching Pinterest for the latest news on trends, now and through the year.