Decorating Your First Apartment

There’s the sudden realization that the four most amazing, carefree, and playful years of your life are over. Now you have to be a real, functioning, and contributing member of society. The path to becoming a real person often involves relocating, which means…FIRST APARTMENTS!

Decorating is expensive, especially when you have to consider all the other expenses that come with adulthood. Well, there are a few ways to reuse your dorm essentials in a more grown-up way and help you decorate your first apartments, on that dorm room budget!

Bulletin Bejeweling

While combing through your dorm room essentials in the basement of your parent’s home, keep an eye out for your bulletin board. To make sure your bulletin board more “adult” and apartment-ready, you can drape it in burlap or a canvas drop cloth and post a few, but memorable moments on it. Giving your bulletin board a clean backdrop will lend it some sophistication.

3m Hooks, FTW

While combing through your heap of miscellaneous items from your dorm desk, you are bound to come across an obscene amount of 3M hooks you used to hang your tapestry. These will be invaluable in your new space. Not only are 3M hooks somewhat pricey, but they are necessary. Once the cash starts rolling in, don’t skimp on the hooks and hit up Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters for some fun, affordable hooks that can show off your personality!

Make Use of Marshalls

We know we said that you should take advantage of as much of your dorm room leftovers as possible, but there are just some things that you need to have that are new. In particular, bathroom essentials and decorations. To decorate on that dorm room budget hit up places like Marshalls and Home Goods! Utilize their clearance sections to give your bathroom your personal, eclectic touch! Mix and match glassware, have multiple mirrors clustered in there and use different decorative trays to hold your bathroom toiletries!

Mix & Match

Although your bathroom decor is less than up to new-apartment standards, there is no reason why you can’t reuse your bedroom dorm set! You might want to find a fun and affordable duvet cover to use with an old comforter, but mix and match your old pillows to give your bedroom fun and fresh look! As a rule of thumb, use one type of print on a larger scale (comforter) and then use another pattern on a smaller scale (shams only) and then finally, use a single solid such as an accent pillow to top off the look!


Finally, painting is an easy and affordable way to update the look of your space. And unlink your dorm room, you can personalize your walls with paint. So if you want to make a big change that is affordable, painting your space is the way to do it.