It’s Day Five of Our Week of Holiday Giveaways!

🎶🎶 On the Fifth Day of Giveaways, Paintzen gave to me…..

…A home that is painted and CLEAN! 🎶🎶

That’s right! We’ve partnered with MyClean for this fifth and final giveaway so you can schedule your holiday party clean-up ahead of time and save $30 on your first clean!

Our painters always take care of their own clean-up in the home, but sometimes, you’ll find your place just needs a little TLC. Whether you’re having guests over, have a 2018 resolution to have a cleaner home, or just don’t feel like doing it yourself, MyClean is here to take your cleaning chores right off your plate!

Book your job by 5 PM EST tonight and receive $30 off your first clean with MyClean.* This is the best offer out there – and we’re sure you’ll love the service just as much as you love the price. This is perfect for apartments or houses, and a great option to have around the holidays when you have too many other things to do to focus on cleaning.

Step 1: Book your paint job today.

Step 2: Receive your exclusive MyClean Promo Code.

Step 3: Paint apartment.

Step 4: Host holiday party.

Step 5: Have MyClean come through and help with clean-up.

It’s as easy as that. Let’s get started!

*MyClean offer is only applicable in New York and Chicago markets. Clients in other markets are eligible for yesterday’s offer, $50 Amazon gift card.